German national cyber security centre attacked by hackers


Nicolas Zeitler

Just a few weeks after German authorities opened a national Cyber Defense Centre in Bonn, it was attacked by hackers and now officials are struggling to arrest all of those involved.

While security authorities reported they had arrested two members of the hacking group linked to the attacks, the group released a statement saying that only its leader was under arrest. A 23-year-old calling himself Darkhammer, leader of the so-called "n0n4m3 cr3w", was arrested on Sunday, the Office of Criminal Investigation in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen reported.

The Federal Criminal Police office issued a press release saying that it had searched the apartment of a second suspect. Responding to that arrest and media reports regarding those taken into custody, the hacking group said: "Apparently none of the suspects is a member of the No Name Crew."

Members of the No Name Crew had claimed responsibility for infiltrating computers of the federal police and the customs service. They were able to steal information from servers running the spy program Patras, and put it on their website. Patras is used by customs authorities, the federal police and police in the German states for tracking serious criminals. After the attacks were uncovered several federal and state authorities temporarily shut down their servers.

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