While running the Attrition Defacement Mirror, we found out that some security companies were using the mirror to solicit new customers. This blatant ambulance chasing is pathetic and represents the worst of the security industry.

Sent to the webmaster of a site that had just been defaced:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 100 22:37:16 +0000
From: secure@eseclab.com
To: hostmaster@[removed]
Subject: security SOLUTIONS


   I am an associate of E-SECURITY LABORATORIES.  We are a full 
   network security solutions provider.  We noticed that your company
   has recently experienced some security related problems.  Well
   thats why were here.  We've developed some of the latest technology
   the network security industry has to offer, and we'd like to work 
   with you to make sure your mission critical systems stay up, and
   running 24/7.  We'll let you take care of your business if you let
   us take care of the hackers.  If you would like more informaiton
   on our services please use the ID number below to log yourself into
   our security database.  You will then be contacted by a Senior
   Representive within 24 hours.  

                          SITE: eseclab.com
                          PIN : 000A

     Securing tomrrows future today...

      e-secLAB associate
      Alan Woods

When the administrator who received this replied asking how they found out about the defacement, eseclab assured him it was NOT from attrition.org, and that "they had their own means" for finding out.

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