Andre Derek Protas of eEye Digital Security hosted an illegal copy of IDA Pro on his web server. Rather than making it somewhat hidden and away from the open, he put it in the document root of his web server with no index.html. Anyone visiting the web server could download the cracked copy for their own use.

Backstory, paraphrased from sources close to the mess:

eEye had a valid license for an older copy of IDA Pro. While travelling, Andre needed a copy for a presentation and did not have a copy from work (eEye). Instead, he borrowed a cracked copy that he was told was 'untraceable'. In reality, it was a copy licensed to an employee at Blue Lane. To get the copy from the friend who offered it, Andre had him upload it to his system and put it in the web directory. After downloading it for his presentation, he did not remove the file. Since there was no index.html configured and the web server allowed open directories, it was available to anyone including Google's search engine. Someone found the copy and linked warez forum, where it spread quickly. Datarescue (owners of IDA Pro) created the 'hallofshame' page and contacted eEye. Instead of an apology or reasonable response, an executive at eEye threatened to sue Datarescue for an unknown reason. Datarescue in turn bans eEye or Andre Protas from ever having IDA Pro in a legitimate capacity.

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