While running the Attrition Defacement Mirror, we found out that some security companies were using the mirror to solicit new customers. This blatant ambulance chasing is pathetic and represents the worst of the security industry.

Sent to the webmaster of a site that had just been defaced:

Hi [removed],
				I'm writing to you regarding our managed
Internet security service.  The services our firewall and VPN's offer, are
listed below.  I understand your website has been hacked recently, and will
we be able to prevent any further damage if you choose to elect our
services.  All of our firewalls have Stateful Packet Inspection and provide
packet filtering.  We will protect your Network.

		Please look at our services below.  

		*	Expert Configuration - DefendNet's expert security
staff will properly configure your security solution.  We will then test the
solution and provide you with the results. 
		*	24 X 7 Management & Monitoring - DefendNet's
security staff will manage and monitor your solution 24 X 7.  Consider how
expensive it would be to manage and staff your IT department for 24 X 7
		*	International Service - DefendNet can deliver
security solutions worldwide.
		*	Alleviates Bandwidth Burden on IT Staff - When you
outsource your security solution, you alleviate the staffing and training
burden on your IT department.  
		*	Automatic Monthly Reports - DefendNet customers
receive automatic monthly reports.  You do not have to purchase reporting
software and expend time compiling reports on your own.
		*	No Capital Expense - When you choose a DefendNet
Managed Internet Security Solution, you incur no capital expense, only a
monthly operating expense.
		*	Lower Overall Cost - When you consider all of your
expenses (hardware, software, maintenance and labor), a managed security
program will save you money.
		*	Easy Upgrade Path - The DefendNet program enables
you to start with the right solution now and upgrade later when your needs
		*	On-demand Security Expertise - You have a team of
security experts working for you, when, you need them.

		*	Customer Friendly SLA - The DefendNet Service Level
Agreement provides a service credit if you have down time because of our
security solution.

	Please contact me using the information below, or you can reply to
this e-mail.


Bill Black
Account Executive
DefendNet Solutions, Inc.
v  (877) 456-0500
f   (401) 456-0599

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