Cyber cops & security orgs: DIRTy, stupid and out of control
By Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 18/03/2002 at 13:41 GMT

A number of what one would hope to call professional computer 
security and cyber law-enforcement figures in England, Australia, 
South America and Asia appear to have been duped by DIRT Trojan 
marketer Francis Edward "Frank" Jones, according to documents 
obtained by The Register.

A second load of Codex Data Systems correspondence has been released, 
including contract paperwork in various stages of maturity. We don't 
know how much has been finally signed, sealed and delivered; but we 
can infer that the people named below have at least contemplated 
co-marketing deals with the hustler Jones. Many of them are in 
high-profile positions of responsibility and trust in the areas of 
computer security and law enforcement. It makes one wonder if anyone 
in these fields can ever be trusted.

For background on the insidious Trojan Jones is misrepresenting as a 
crime-fighting tool, and Jones' criminal background, see our previous 
coverage here and here.

First up we have a proposal for marketing DIRT to government spooks, 
industrial spies and private security firms in the United Kingdom 
with Dr Kevin A. O'Brien, a Senior Policy Analyst with RAND Europe, 
and Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) Chief Operating 

According to a document dated 24 September 1998, O'Brien was 
"contemplating being involved in some or all aspects of [Codex's] 
creation, development, production or sale of intellectual property," 
in his capacity then as a representative of the Hussar International 
Research Group, "a virtual organization of professional research 
analysts based throughout the world. The prime research interests of 
the Hussar Group are issues of contemporary international security, 
in all of its aspects."

The group, which now appears to have been disbanded or absorbed by a 
larger entity (in part by RAND, obviously), belonged to the Matrix 
GDSN (Global Decision Support Network).

The Matrix describes itself as "an international network of 
specialist organizations providing business intelligence, knowledge 
management, risk assessment and technology evaluation services to 
future-oriented organizations throughout the world. "Our global 
resources include intelligence professionals, analysts, and systems 
designers with collective capability that rivals many intelligence 

As for IAAC, it describes itself as "a private sector led and 
government supported forum that brings together corporate leaders 
public policy makers law enforcement and the research community to 
address the challenges of information infrastructure protection. IAAC 
is developing policy recommendations for government and corporate 
leaders at the highest levels."

Dr. O'Brien may be found at:
RAND Europe (Cambridge)
36 Regent Street
Cambridge CB2 1PG
United Kingdom
tel: +44(0)1223-353329

Information Assurance Advisory Council
36 Regent Street
Cambridge CB2 1DB
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)1223 307711

In Australia we have World Systems Resource (WSR), a
discount (used) enterprise computing vendor supplying equipment from 
HP, SUN, Cisco, Compaq, IBM and EMC. A February, 2000 document 
indicates that the company was seeking a non-exclusive deal as a DIRT 
reseller in the Australian cyber-cop/securocrat market.

World Systems Resource is located at:
Unit 8, 92a Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale,
New South Wales 2103 Australia
tel: (02) 9979 1455

Covering all of South America in one stroke, we have Mr Ramon Ignacio 
Izaguirre, who appears to have entertained a 17 March, 2002 agreement 
to distribute the DIRT Trojan to cops and securocrats throughout the 
land. Jones praises Izaguirre for his "expertise in marketing to the 
government, law enforcement and military sector in Argentina and 
South America," and offers him exclusive rights to market it 
throughout the region.

Izaguirre also appears to operate a company called Segurama, which is 
involved in security.

He may be found at:
1624 Bdo. Irigoyen Street,
Buenos Aires 1138, Argentina
tel: 54-11 4300-7539

And last, but not least, we have Mr Unho "Tiger" Choi in South Korea, 
who appears to have entertained a 24 February 2001 deal to get the 
DIRT circulating among eager government spooks and ambitious 
industrial spies in his home country. He's also a trusted member of 
the local CERT.

Choi is affiliated with the Korean CERT-CC Computer Emergency 
Response Team Coordination Center, which, just as in the US and 
elsewhere, is an arm of the government.

More properly, CERT-CC/Korea is run by the Korea Information Security 
Agency (KISA), which in turn is run by the Ministry of Information 
and Communication.

Our "Tiger" is also affiliated with KISA. And he seems to have his 
own consulting business on the side as well. He skips about quite a 
lot, but should be available for comment at one of these locations:

Unho "Tiger" Choi
Network and Security Consulting, Inc.
1329-4 Woonam Building, 15th Floor
Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu
Seoul, South Korea
cell: 82-17-263-3433

Korea Information Security Agency (KISA);
Information Security Technology Division
78, Karak dong, Songpa-Gu,
Seoul 138-160, Korea
tel: 82-2-4055-114

Senior Members of Technical Staff, CERTCC-KR
5F, Seocho-Donga Tower Bldg, 1321-6 Seocho Dong, Seocho-gu,
tel: 82-2-3488-4122
cell: 017-263-3433

And lest we forget, our friend Jones may be found at:
Codex Data Systems, Inc.
143 Main Street
Nanuet, New York 10954
167 Route 304
Bardonia, New York 10954
tel: 845-627-0011

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