Blue Security Kicked While It's Down

May 17, 2006

By Brian Krebs

Hours after anti-spam company Blue Security pulled the plug on its spam-fighting Blue Frog software and service, the spammers whose attack caused the company to wave the white flag have escalated their assault, knocking Blue Security's farewell message and thousands more Web sites offline.

Just before midnight ET, Blue Security posted a notice on its home page that it was bowing out of the anti-spam business due to concerted attacks against its Web site that took millions of other sites and blogs with it. Within minutes of that online posting, went down and remains inaccessible at the time of this writing.

According to information obtained by Security Fix, the reason is that the attackers were hellbent on taking down Blue Security's site again, but had trouble because the company had signed up with Prolexic, which specializes in protecting Web sites from "distributed denial-of-service" (DDoS) attacks.

These massive assaults harness the power of thousands of hacked PCs to swamp sites with so much bogus traffic that they can no longer accommodate legitimate visitors. Prolexic built its business catering to the sites most frequently targeted by DDoS extortion attacks -- chiefly, online gambling and betting houses. But the company also serves thousands of other businesses, including banks, insurance companies and online payment processors.


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