Abhaxas teaches Joseph K Black a lesson to learn




Well as many twitter users who follow anonymous and or lulzsec know there is a troll out there, one that has gotten such a name for himself that he got himself hacked, i must mention he is a Security expert or at least wants to be.

For a while now we have been watching Joe in his trolling on twitter, claiming to dox people, making lame threats and all around acting like a 13yo kid who just figure out how to use a computer. Joe's Trolling has come to a end after he crossed paths with @Abhaxas, a highly skilled hacker who Joe took a personal liking to, went to far as in @Abhaxas own words "he has personally called me out multiple times, so i responded".

The Response that joe got was not one anyone would really want, with abhaxas obtaining access to Joes server, it was time to play with many sites and teach him a lesson once and for all.

While inside the server @Abhaxas had access to everything, 20+ sites of data. Taking what he wanted and wiping the rest whilst lulz @ Joe the whole time.

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