[AiPlex Software] Anti-Piracy Outfit Tries to Erase History


Ernesto, TorrentFreak


Anti-piracy outfit AiPlex Software made the news last year when their boss was quoted in the press admitting that his company launched DDoS attacks against several torrent sites. This confession resulted in an avalanche of negative PR and several retributive attacks from Anonymous. Today, a year later, AiPlex are attempting to erase these events from history by asking bloggers to take down their reports.

While there have always been suspicions that anti-piracy outfits are actively DDoSing torrent sites, when the boss of the Indian company AiPlex Software admitted to using these tactics in public it still came as a shock.

"When we detect a website offering a link or a download, we contact the server hosts and intimate them about the illegal activity. They issue a notice to the site owner," said AiPlex's Girish Kumar in an interview with DNA.

The above is nothing out of the ordinary, but where other content protection companies stop, AiPlex takes it up a notch. Uncooperative sites are not ignored but can expect to be taken offline by force.

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