Prateek Shukla Navneet Mehra

The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking and Cracking; Hack Before You Get Cracked - 73.7% Plagiarized

Sat Feb 16 15:27:14 CST 2013

By Prateek Shukla & Navneet Mehra

ISBN: 978-81-7806-326-3

Publisher: Unicorn Books

The book "The Unrevealed Secrets of Hacking and Cracking; Hack Before You Get Cracked" was 'written' by Prateek Shukla ( and Navneet Mehra ( According to one article, Mehra has written four other books, which have not been reviewed by, and contributed to this one. Via an email conversation, Shukla told us that he wrote most of this book, and Navneet only wrote three chapters (Introduction, Securing Wireless Network, Security for an Organization). Before going into the review, we wanted to point out a few things that bring more clarity to the author's intentions and understanding of writing.

The book begins with acknowledgements that include:

We would like to specially thank Mrs. Sophia Mitra, Mrs. Patralekha Ghosh, Mrs. Suparna Das and Mr. Bunny for being supportive to us and believing in our writing capabilities since a long time. Without valuable inputs from Unicorn Books and the editorial team, this manuscript would not have taken the shape of a book.

Specifically note that all those people "believed in their writing capabilities" when you read the email thread between Prateek Shukla and Jericho, where he attempts to explain the plagiarism.

The Plagiarism

The following table details the portions of the book that were taken from other sources. A full review was not performed due to the amount of plagiarism found by the halway point. Note that we also reviewed the two technical chapters written by Mehra to determine if the plagiarism was limited to one author, and it was not. Information is included to distinguish not only plagiarized material, but also what was done in an attempt to obscure the original source (e.g., removing text or credit). This shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism.

The percentage calculated is based on the material reviewed, and then projected for the other half of the book. While the second half was largely left alone, there is no reason to suspect that the frequency of plagiarism changed.

Pages / total Description Original Source
1 - 13 Introduction, not counted in review n/a
14 - 15 Footprinting, one and a half page verbatim:
15 Domain Query, 2 sentences verbatim: CSSLP Exam
16 - 17 Port Scanning, some text & images from:
22 Types of Fingerprinting, almost verbatim:
23 - 26 Malware Research, three pages from:
29 - 30 Trojans, 1 full page verbatim:
30 - 34 Keylogger, Rats, Malware from:
35 RATs, 1 paragraph from: Wikipedia
41 Botnets, 1 paragraph:
44 - 47 Keyloggers, 7 paragraphs & 3 screenshots from:
47 Cookies & Protective Software, 3 paragraphs verbatim:
48 Keyloggers, 1 paragraph:
49 - 50 Antivirus, most verbatim from two sources:
50 FUD Crypters & Parts of a Crypter, from multiple sources:
51 Different Types of Crypters
51 - 52 What is a Binder, 2 paragraphs:
52 Disadvantages of Binders, 2 paragraphs:
54 Icon Changing, mostly from:
57 Entire page, from multiple sources:
57 - 58 Purpose of Crypto & Key Types, verbatim from:
58 - 59 Secret Key Cryptography, entire section almost verbatim:
59 - 60 Public-key Cryptography, half page & image verbatim:
60 - 62 One paragraph & Bullets, changed examples names (e.g. s/Dan/Raj etc.)
62 Hash Functions, verbatim:
62 Types of Cryptographic Attacks, verbatim from:
65 Social Engineering, large parts from:
66 Art of Manipulation & Reverse Social Engineering, mostly from: CEH Book
66 Phishing Attacks, partially from:
67 Human-based Social Engineering, 4 bullets verbatim: CEH Book
67 - 68 Computer Based Social Engineering, verbatim from:
68 - 69 Cycle of Social Engineering, from:
69 Weapons of Social Engineer, largely from:
70 Doxing, verbatim from:
71 - 72 Social Engineering Countermeasures, verbatim:
73 Email, 1 paragraph verbatim: Wikipedia
75 - 78 Email Forging, 3 paragraphs & example & countermeasures verbatim from:
80 Phishing, almost verbatim:
82 Countermeasures, almost verbatim:
88-89 Tabnapping, 5 paragraphs verbatim:
90 Prevent Yourself from Being Tabnapped & Browser Security, 5 paragraphs verbatim:
90 - 96 Desktop Phishing, most verbatim from:
97 What is Proxy Server, mostly from
98 Types of Proxy Servers, taken from multiple sources
99 Sockschain Proxy, 3 paragraphs verbatim
99 - 103 Tor Onion text & walkthrough, most verbatime from:
103 - 106 Sectino on Ultrasurf, largely from:
174 - 176 Securing Wireless Networks, almost verbatim: #1 #2
176 VPN section, verbatim
180 Basic Tips for Network Administrator, verbatim:
181 Securing Organization's Network, some verbatim, but entirely from:

Total Pages Reviewed Total Pages w/ Plagiarism
99 / 191 (51.8%) 73 / 99 (73.7%)

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