- Extensive Plagiarism from Other Sources

Wed May 16 16:22:45 CDT 2012

Ethical Hacking Guide ( is run by someone that only goes by "Cyber Security Expert". His/her blogger profile only offers that they live in the United States and considers themself a "Software Programmer, Technical Specialist, Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester And Cyber Security Expert". The site is a blog that aggregates articles and information from other sites. In many cases, credit is given to the original source, typically in the form of a link to the original. However, in other cases, entire articles are taken in whole and any credit stripped out including links or a signature.

With some articles lifted and some credited, it reinforces the notion that the lifted articles are original. In addition, many of the blog posts use content from other sources but include links to books or movies that appear to be part of their Amazon Affiliate program (e.g. one, two, three). When linking to Amazon, there are a variety of methods to do so, that will give credit for the Affiliate program. One of them is using a &tag=affilname variable in the referring URL. For Ethical Hacking Guide, we see their links use &tag=ethical07-20 for books and media. On the surface, it appears that using a combination of plagiarized and credited work from third parties, the owner of the site is profiting financially.

The Plagiarism

The following table details a brief sampling of articles examined for plagiarism and copyright infringement, without proper source attribution. In each case, the article is copied almost entirely, with minor edits to remove a sentence or source of credite. This shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism.

(~ 99% copied)
SITE Article Original Source
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Enumeration And Hacking SecurityProNews / Mati Aharoni (~ 97% copied)
Beginners Guide To Hacking Wireless Networks Multiple Sources
Hack any Java class using Reflection Java Works Mine blog (~ 99% copied)
Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Web Hacking Cyber Army (India) (~ 99% copied)
Web Form Password Brute Force with FireForce pentest-n00b (~ 99% copied)
Using Fireforce to brute-force web login forms Silly Chicken (~ 99% copied)
Authentication And Session Management Hack 2 World (~ 99% copied, that article also plagiarizes from other sources)
FFFjacking (EN) (~ 99% copied, but notes author at very bottom)
How to Hack Your Wii for Homebrew in Five Minutes Lifehacker Australia (~ 99% copied)
How to use Google for Hacking. GoHacking (~ 99% copied)

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