eFortresses - Plagiarized Content to Advertise Their Services

Thu Jan 12 17:07:51 CST 2012

The company eFortresses (efortresses.com) offers a wide variety of services centered around security and compliance solutions, "focused on cloud computing security". They offer a "holistic approach", wrapped up in their HISP certification course. Unfortunately, they did not audit their own content to ensure that it was original work or properly cited.

The Plagiarism

The following table details portions of their web site in which they advertise their auditing and compliance solutions, but use material from third parties without properly citing the work. This shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism.

eFortresses Page Material Original Source
Services - Readiness Consulting - ISMS - ISO 27000 series First 5 paragraphs + "published standards" list + "in preparation" list

First paragraph of "Why adopt the ISO 27000"...
Wikipedia - IEC 27000 Series

Mantek International [Not sure who published first]
Services - Readiness Consulting - ITSMS - ITIL / ISO 20000 First 2 paragraphs

Paragraph 3 / 4 + ten section bullet list + paragraph 5 / 6

Paragraph 7

Wikipedia - IEC 20000

ISO 20000 Service Management Standard Published - Press Release
Services - Readiness Consulting - BCMS - BS 25999 First 6 paragraphs + BS 25999-1 and 10 sections + BS 25999-2 and 6 sections
(Roughly half the page)
Wikipedia - BS 25999
Services - Controls Framework Development First 4 paragraphs + 3 categories + 5 numbered bullets + 2 more paragraphs
(Roughly half the page)
Wikipedia - Internal Control
Services - Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) First paragraph

Seven paragraphs + 3 bullets

Two more paragraphs
Praxiam - Nice to Know

Governance, risk and compliance spending not focused on technology by Linda Tucci

The 2008 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study
Services - Audit - Shared Assessment Audit Paragraph 2 / 3 mt-online.com: Asset Management And Intelligent Maintenance
Services - Audit - Data Security Audit Two sentences: "Federal regulations mandate..." and "There are a number of federal laws..." Wikipedia - Computer Recycling
Services - Audit - Shared Assessment Audit First paragraph

Part of third paragraph
Shared Assessments: About

Shared Assessments: Target Data Tracker (TDT) [XLS]

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