Bennet Bayer, Serial Plagiarizer

Sat Dec 3 17:02:54 CST 2011

Bennet Bayer is a "Security, Mobility & Collaboration (UC) Practice(s) Leader" who does "Solutions Marketing & Development" at Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) according to his LinkedIn profile. The Avnet blogger page lists him as "Director, Avnet MobilityPath security, mobility and collaboration solutions practices". His Google profile says his occupation is "Business Leader" and that he has "yet to fail in business...but, lots of experience!" When told about the plagiarism, Avnet responded within one hour on a Saturday and pulled all of his blogs. That type of fast response is refreshing to see, and we hope their internal investigation is assisted by this page.

Unfortunately, one of his greatest skills that he appears to have a lot of experience in, is plagiarizing other people's content and claiming it as his own.

The Plagiarism

The following tables detail blog posts from Bayer in which he took material from other sources, made small edits to hide the fact it was plagiarized. Not only did he sign his name to the articles, he made small edits in an attempt to hide the plagiarism while promoting himself and his company. For example, in his article on 'securing mobile devices', he took an entire article by Rob Lemos from and made edits like the following:

Original: For those reasons, the recommendations are that, rather than ...
Bennet: For those reasons, the Avnet MobilityPath® and SecurePath® teams recommend ...

Original: "A lot of security for devices will boil down to managing the settings on the device and linking into security of the environment," Symantec's Engels says.
Bennet: A lot of security for mobile devices boils down to managing the settings on the device and linking into security of the environment.

This shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism, in an attempt to promote himself and his company.

Bennet Bayer Personal Blog

Only a couple examples were checked on his personal blog due to time constraints. However, the plagiarism appears to have been going for around three years based on the examples below.

Bennet Article Original Source
How do you tell a developer to build a dashboard? (2011-08-31) How do you tell your developer to build a dashboard? by AppsBI
"Searchadising" for Channel Partners (2011-06-20) Secrets to Searchandising Success by Website Magazine
Mobile Banking - Mobile Wallet (2011-06-17) Mobile banking by IBM
Building a Social Media Strategy (2011-06-10) 3 C's of Social Media Marketing: Content, Community & Commerce by Hubspot
Femtocells (2011-06-09) Portable, personal 3G base stations to shrink, play a big role in 4G LTE network rollouts by Scientific American
Designing a Mobile Strategy (2011-05-24) Designing an Intelligent Mobile Strategy by Mobile Enterprise
2D Barcodes - Channel Partner Opportunity (2011-05-04) How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program by NeoMedia
Enterprise Mobile Applications: New Opportunities for the Channel (2011-04-28) Mobile Virtualization and Mobile Virtualization Might Soothe IT's Smartphone Headaches by eNotes
Worried about mobile security? (2011-04-27) Worried about mobile security in the Enterprise? by OK Labs
Measuring Impact of Blog Posts (2009-03-19) What's the Score? by The Economist
Defining M2M Use (2009-01-02) What's M2M Mean to You by Field Technologies Online
ONLINE MARKETING; THE IMPORTANCE OF WEB LOG ANALYSIS (2008-10-01) The Importance of Log Analysis by Dave Collins / SoftwarePromotions Ltd.

Avnet Blog

Bennet Article Original Source
Securing Mobile Devices Pocket Guide To Securing Mobile Devices by Robert Lemos / Dark Reading
Mobile Muzings RIM - it's a life-saver by The Informer /
Assessing Cloud Security Strategies for Assessing Cloud Security by IBM (rest taken from full report PDF.
Essentials for Enterprise Security Get in Shape by Philip Liberman / Security Products
Measuring the Performance of Information Security The Difficulty of Measuring the Performance of Information Security by Wh1t3Rabbit / HP
Trends / Mobility Financial 5 reasons why mobile payments offer a huge opportunity for banking Trend Watch / HP
Elements of a HIPAA Risk Assessment HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Tips - 9 Essential Elements by Bob Chaput /
Mobility In Healthcare is All About the Data Seven Health Care Technologies to Watch by Samuel Greengard / Baseline Mag
Want to Scare IT, Bring Your Own Device IT security's scariest acronym: BYOD, bring your own device by Andreas M. Antonopoulos / Network World
The Hackable You Oh, Hackable You! by Mike Ahmadi / ISSA Journal
Wiping Your Data From an Apple Device Securely Wiping your Personal Data from the iPhone by Dave Whitelegg / IT Security Expert
Mobile - Where the Bad Guys See Opportunity Mobile Malware Development Continues To Rise, Android Leads The Way by Juniper Networks
Big Data and the Security Challenge Big Data And Bad Security by Adrian Lane / Dark Reading
The Individual vs Corporate Liable Mobile Device Debate A New Take On The Individual-Liable Vs. Corporate-Liable Debate by Sarah Howland / Field Technologies magazine
Ways to Start a Security Conversation 10 security problems you might not realize you have by Justin James / TechRepublic
Stepping Up Your Protection Step Up Your Protection by Kate Munro / Network Centric Security
Easy Conversations: Common Security Mistakes Businesses Make Six Deadly Security Blunders Businesses Make by Kelly Jackson Higgins / Dark Reading

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