Alok Anibha / Agnicient - Plagiarizer

Sat May 12 17:01:37 CDT 2012

Agnicient Technologies is a company that appears to focus on software testing, but also does security testing based on the articles of their Head of Engineering Services, Alok Anibha (LinkedIn, Facebook, Silicon India profile). He has written four articles for Articlesbase, a free online articles directory, that appears to be used frequently for a method of advertising. From his management bio:

Alok is responsible for Agnicient's services delivery International customers. Alok has nearly 10 years experience in leading systems development and business programs. Alok has led large enterprise implementation, SLA driven operations and more from a global delivery perspective. Alok holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi

The Plagiarism

The following table details the four articles he has written, all of which are heavily plagiarized. He provides no citations or indication that the material is taken from another source, which shows willful infringement of copyright and inexcusable plagiarism.

Anibha's Article Original Source
Security Testing Top taken from the book "Software Security: Building Security In" by Gary McGraw. Bottom part about Agnicient taken from VAssureQA
Functional Testing Functional Testing by Adam Kolawa
Website Security Testing Service Basics of Web Security Testing, Risks of Lack of Web Security Testing, and Software Testing as Part of a Solution
Software Performance Testing informIT and Software Performance Testing (Gan)

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