,6903,577846,00.html Hacker cries foul over FBI snooping
Burhan Wazir
Sunday October 21, 2001
The Observer

The world's most infamous computer hacker, out of jail and eking a living as an actor in a television drama, has denounced the new Patriot Act - which would allow FBI and police to snoop on emails and monitor US internet activity in their efforts to counter terrorism.


Mitnick says: 'I read the emails because they were discussing how the FBI was going to catch me. I didn't read it all, just searched for a combination of letters that's in my name, and words like "trap", "trace" and things like that. Again, this is something I had to do to cover my ass, total self-preservation.' He and Markoff subsequently co-wrote a book about the case.


[Markoff and Mitnick did NOT co-write a book on this or anything else.]

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