Original URL lost. Relevant material quoted in mail to him.

From: cult hero (jericho[at]attrition.org)
To: "Matt Richtel [NYT]" (mrichtel@nytimes.com)
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 21:30:28 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: errata and retraction - read ASAP


"In fact, they tried to boot him out for hosting the AntiOnline site on
the school's network, calling it an inappropriate use of computer
resources. "

JP was eventually booted for hacking attempts and Denial of Service
attacks. That was the ultimate reason, not AO.

"He said he turned over information to the FBI that led it to raid the
home of a hacker named Brian Martin in connection with an attack on The
New York Times' Web site in September 1998. Martin acknowledges that his
home was raided by the FBI several months later, but he was never arrested
or charged, and he denies involvement in the attack"

First, I made it abundantly clear that hacking is in my past. That means
*ex* hacker. I also wonder why you didn't point out that he supposedly
gave up this info half a year before his change of heart? At a time when
he was still supposedly on the hacker's sides?

"Martin, who admits to some malicious hacking in his past but says he has
been an above-board security consultant for years, is a member of
Attrition.org, a hacker group that has spearheaded an effort to discredit
Vranesevich. "

I want an IMMEDIATE retraction.  1. I never admitted to *malicious*
hacking. NEVER. This is a blatant misquote.  2. Attrition is NOT a hacker
group as I have repeatedly said.

"Special Agent Jim Margolin of the FBI said the agency does not comment on
whether it has investigated someone in the past. "But we continue to
consult with Mr. Vranesevich, and that should say something about our
assessment of his bona fides," he said."

So because the FBI have consulted with me before, during and after the NYT
hack, does that say something about my bona fides? And they continue to
consult me..

You make this sound like one deranged group is out for the good guy, when
in reality we are the one presenting proof of all our claims, while JP
does not.

And the last link on the page is to www.attrition.org.com .. not
www.attrition.org .. on a normal day I would accredit this to a typo, but
after the above errata, it smacks more of not presenting both sides.

Look Matt.. how many times did I mail you asking if you need more help?
Offering to give you more information? At any point in time you could have
done fact checking or had soemone else do it.

This is extremely disappointing.


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