: http://news.excite.com/news/ap/010102/12/hacker-plea
: Associated Press Writer
: Updated 12:39 PM ET January 2, 2001
: OSSIPEE, N.H. (AP) - A teen-age hacker who was briefly linked to a
: highly publicized series of hacking attacks against major companies
: pleaded guilty Tuesday to three misdemeanors.
: Dennis Moran, 18, who went by the name of "Coolio," broke into
: rsa.com, operated by Internet security company RSA Security Inc., and
: dare.com, an anti-drug site connected to the Los Angeles Police
: Department.

For the umpteenth million time, RSA was not broken into. The defacement
was a result of DNS hijacking and a redirect to a box in South America.
The DNS servers were controlled by RSA's upstream provider.

: If a judge approves a plea agreement, Moran will serve nine months to a
: year in jail and pay $5,000 in restitution to each of three victims. 

Why should RSA get one penny? Their upstream was the one broken into..

: The Web site of RSA - which proclaims itself "the most trusted name in
: e-security" - was linked to another hacked computer at a university in
: South America. There, a nearly duplicate hoax site proclaimed: "Trust us
: with your data! Praise Allah!" 

Ahh.. so read down and you get accuracy, but skim the first few paragraphs
and you get errata?

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