06.08.00	spyd3r


  In the 1970s, "Captain Crunch" devised a way to make free long distance
  calls and groups of phone hackers, later dubbed "phreakers"  emerged.

This is incorrect. John Draper (aka Captain Crunch) figured out that a cereal box toy (a plastic whistle) blew a perfect 2600 tone, allowing him to seize the trunk and make free calls. Draper did NOT discover the 2600 tone, blueboxing or anything else really. Phreaking dates back to the first year telephone were gaining widespread use. Telephone pole climbers would make free calls during their breaks by essentially 'beige boxing'. Some five or ten years before Draper was eating his cereal, others that were much more into phones were learning and experimenting, possibly first earning the title of 'phreaker'.