Inside Happy Hacker, July 2, 1999

 *** Def Con Adventure

Are you going to the Def Con hackers' convention July 9-11?  Want to meet
me (Happy Hacker Clown Princess Carolyn Meinel) there?  I plan to enter a
Linux box in the Bastard Operator from Hell competition.  So, am I totally
lame?  Or will I surprise a few people by winning?  Oh, yes, how come you
never see any mirrors of hacks of the Happy Hacker website?  Maybe we know
something about being secure? 

Carolyn's Business: MB Technology

Carolyn's last ISP:

One of Carolyn's previous partners/interest:

One of Carolyn's more recent partners:

Carolyn's AOL account:

These were the *known* *defacements*. Doesn't count when others hacked
her, her ISP's, and everyone else remotely related to her, but didn't
deface. Maybe you DON'T know much about security.