AntiOnline Hacked? 
   Thursday, August 5, 1999 at 13:43:28
   by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline 

   Following its policy about full site disclosure, AntiOnline offers the following statement:
   AntiOnline's newest feature, "Eye On The Underground", gathers data from several well known
   underground websites. The data is gathered dynamically once an hour via "AntiEye", one of our custom
   info-gathering applications.


   Although this change in format in no way compromised the integrity of our servers, or the data
   contained therein, it did cause alternate information to be displayed on the "Eye On The Underground"
   section of our website to users who had specific versions of the Netscape and IE webbrowsers. We
   apologize to our users for the temporary disruption of this service.

[Wrong. It did compromise the INTEGRITY of your servers. Those servers are
 there to provide the viewers reliable information. They failed to do that, instead offering
 us information not condoned by AntiOnline staff. That is exactly what 'compromising integrity

   AntiOnline receives a hack attempt an average of once every 2 minutes, no one has ever successfully
   infiltrated any of our systems, or the data contained on them.

[Spoken like a true novice. To assume that you will detect 100% of intrusions
 into a system is absurd.]