Mitnick's Life - As It Stands Now 
   Monday, August 2, 1999 at 1:20:04
   by Kimberly Tracey - Writing For AntiOnline 

   For a few years I was talking to Kevin almost every day and sometimes several times a day. Right now
   my work prevents me from being in touch with him every day, but I know people who are in contact with
   him, so I stay current.
   Here's a little bit about Kevin's life at MDC:
   At MDC there is no yard for exercising. They have no place to exercise outside where they can sit in
   the sun. Whenever the guards call a "lockup," the inmates are rounded-up and taken to a very large
   balcony outside. If you want to use a bathroom, you go to the one in your cell. When Kevin was
   sleeping on the floor, he had to use the toilets of other inmates.


[This article was filled almost a dozen small errors. Rather than debunk this
 point by point, the Attrition staff followed up with their own article. In it,
 they go into details of Kevin Mitnick's life as it really stands.]