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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 00:31:05 -0400

Looks like both Time and the AP picked this up.


On July 5th the Sidney Morning Herald Internet edition ran the following 

The article details how the CIA will be electronically breaking into 
various banks around the world to retrieve Solobadon Milsovics hidden 

This claim was originally made by Newsweek magazine on May 24th and was 
later picked up and ran by the Reuters news Service.

The Hacker News Network immediately questioned the integrity of this 

These questions where expanded upon by Bob Sullivan of MSNBC on May 28th.

By June 7th, William Arkin of the Washington Post had gathered enough 
evidence to completely debunk this story.

On July 5th, well over a month after the original false report, the 
Sydney Morning Herald receives a story from what looks like The London 
Telegraph and blindly runs the story without bothering to verify its 

I would hope that the SMH will exercise better judgment and preform at 
least some research in the future when running such inflammatory 
articles.  A respected news organization should not rely on the accuracy 
and timeliness of wire reports.

Space Rogue
Editor in Chief
The Hacker News Network