The Washington Post 
   The Hackers Who Won't Quit 
   By Roberto Suro
   Washington Post Staff Writer
   Wednesday, September 1, 1999; Page A01
   Most mischievous teenagers would be intimidated if FBI agents showed up armed with a search warrant,
   asked a lot of hard questions and then seized all the computer equipment in sight. But Chad Davis
   just got angry, federal officials said.

   Less than four weeks after the FBI searched the apartment where Davis, 19, lives alone in Green Bay,
   Wis., he defiantly hacked into an Army computer at the Pentagon, according to a federal complaint
   filed against him when he was arrested Monday.
   During the June 2 search, Davis admitted that he belonged to a notorious hacking gang that calls
   itself Global Hell, and the FBI agents let him know they were cracking down on the group. On June 28,
   Davis allegedly struck back: He replaced the Army's Internet home page with the message: "Global Hell
   is alive. Global Hell will not die."
   Court papers depict Davis as one of the founders and leaders of the gang, which allegedly has made
   repeated intrusions into computer systems at the White House, the FBI and numerous other government
   offices. In addition, he allegedly assisted in the hacking of 17 corporate and private Web sites, and
   may have helped himself to two years' worth of free access to the Internet through a local provider
   in Green Bay.

[gH did not penetrate the FBI. This is pure stupidity being carried
 over from previous articles. The FBI received a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.]

   As the raids were still unfolding, Global Hell retaliated with an unprecedented attack against the
   FBI Web site, flooding it with thousands of simultaneous "hits," or requests for access, on the night
   of May 26. The FBI was forced to shut down the site rather than risk damage to the computer server.
   Over the next week, members of Global Hell also attacked Web sites maintained by the Interior
   Department, the Senate and even the state of Virginia.

[The DoS attack carried out against the FBI consumed network resources,
 but did not carry out an attack that caused 'hits' persay. Further, the
 FBI downed the machine to add more security, NOT because the attack COULD
 have caused damage. In fact, that type of attack could not do damage like
 this article claims.]


   Global Hell's Hits
   Among the Web sites allegedly hacked by Global Hell are:
   U.S. Army (
   White House (
   FBI (

[This was not a 'hit' like the US Army or White House. It was a simple
 Denial of Service attack.]
   Senate (

[This hack was done by "MOD", *not* gH.]