From Thu Jun 10 12:01:50 1999
From: Modify (
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 06:39:35 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Regarding 'Feds batten down the online hatches'

Im writing this concerning the online article found at the following URL:
entitled 'Feds batten down the online hatches' by Diane Frank and Doug

There are several errors to be noted here... I will discuss them below:

In the past two weeks, a group attacked the FBI site in retaliation for
the FBI arresting hackers who have broken into federal systems. Some of
the hackers who have broken into the sites have identified themselves as
part of a group calling itself F0rpaxe. The FBI took its site down for
more than a week to make security improvements, and the site finally went
live again on Friday. 

The group also broke into the Web sites run by the Senate, the Interior
Department and a federal supercomputer laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

[This statement is not valid because F0rpaxe didn't hack DOI nor did they
hack the Senate site.  UGCIA hacked DOI and MoD hacked the Senate.  Go
here for a listing of F0rpaxe hacks]

In the future, if you need any confirmation or verification for an article
we (Attrition Staff) would be happy to assist.  Thanks,


From: McIntyre ( To: Cc:,,,, Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:06:47 -0400 Subject: Errors in your article I am e-mailing you in regards to your recent article titled "Agencies batten down," in which you erroneously attritbute the defacement of a DOI Web site and the US Senate Web site to a group called F0rpaxe. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. First, the DOI Web site was not hacked by F0rpaxe, but a different group entirely. This was first reported falsely by AntiOnline due to an error in reading the attritbution on the Attrition Web site mirror ( AntiOnline later corrected their story by removing any attribution of the DOI hack from the article. This can be easily seen by comparing the HTML from any F0rpaxe hack ( to the Web mirror of the DOI hack ( In regards to the statement that F0rpaxe also hacked the US Senate Web site, this is also incorrect. Clearly stated on the site is information that points to the group MOD or Masters of Downloading ( In the future, please be VERY careful who you attribute Web hacks to. While it may seem trivial who you give credit to, if you report it falsely, Federal law enforcement may be going after the wrong people. Thanks for your time.