[Federal Computer Week]

JUNE 23, 1999 . . . 7:52 EDT

Hacker group targets Navy sites

BY BOB BREWIN (antenna@fcw.com)
AND DIANE FRANK (diane_frank@fcw.com)

The hacker group that allegedly              
attacked and defaced FBI World Wide Web
sites earlier this month apparently has   
now focused its attention on the Navy,    
including the Web site of a Navy
organization that helped develop          
sophisticated hacker-tracker software.    

[The INDIVIDUAL claiming to take downt he FBI was known
 as the "Israeli Ghost". The hack on nswc.navy.mil was claimed
 by DigiAlmty. Two seperate people.]

Last week a hacker defaced the Web site
(www.nswc.navy.mil) of the Naval          
Surface Warfare Center's Dahlgren, Va.    
division with a mostly obscene message
that read in part, "FEDS: You will        
never stop my FLOW. Nice try, though.     
Killing my hotmail account and all        
that. HAHHAHA." The Dahlgren division
of NSWC helped develop the Co-operative   
Intrusion Detection Evaluation and        
Response program                          
(www.nswc.navy.mil/ISSEC/CID/), which     
uses automated tools to track and
analyze hacker attacks.

Another hacker -- who, based on the postings on the
defaced Navy Web sites, may be engaged in hacker duel with
the Dahlgren attacker -- hit the Web site of the Naval Air
Warfare Center Training Systems Division
(www.ntsc.navy.mil), Orlando, Fla.

This hacker, who affiliated himself with the group
f0rpaxe, said on the defaced Navy page, "We own the Naval
Air Warfare Center Systems Training Division. FBI
spokesman said we were only doing some gov and mil servers
[but] we rooted Naval Air Warfare Training Center....We
had been exploring entire servers until today."

Navy spokesmen have not returned calls from FCW asking for
comment on the Web attacks.