From: "Betty G.O'Hearn" 
Subject: Enforcers Hackers Group Make Peace

Infowar.Com was notified today by the "Enforcers" Computer Hackers Group, 
that an agreement was reached with chief negotiator Ian A. Murphy, aka 
Capt. Zap, to cease and desist their cyber destruction witnessed in the 
recent attacks and intrusions that have rocked the Internet in past weeks. 
The Enforcers began their massive assault on corporate and military 
websites after the arrest of "Pentagon Hackers" here in the US and Israel.

Ian Murphy, CEO of IAM/Secure Data Systems, and the first US hacker 
arrested back in 1981, issued press releases during negotiations. (see Murphy began the process to begin deliberations out of 
a sense of duty.  Murphy's dialogue with members of the Enforcer group 
pointed to the fact that the destruction was counter productive. He urged 
the group to consider halting this activity. "The destruction of 
information systems for an alleged cause is not the way to go about such 
things in defense of Hackers and Crackers."  

So this hacker group recognizes the CEO of a commercial business
as a valid body to negotiate the stop of their hacking?

Murphy has been pontificating for years that the government and corporate 
entities  need to take the powers and strength of hackers seriously. With 
the attacks and intrusions on the rise, and information losses at a all 
time high, Murphy added, "It is high time that the alleged powers that be 
in information security bow to the wonderment of the hackers and their 
alleged silent, awesome power.  It is time that we as a society realize 
that one individual is equal to an entire armed nuclear offensive force 
and is able to bring about global chaos if they choose to, from a simple 
computer keyboard.  It strikes me as being so simplistic and yet so 
invasive of all society that such things may occur.  And we have become so 
dependent and enamored with -- and our society so rests upon -- our 
silicon lives and slaves.  We have become the servants of our own 
information society and still do not see the reality of the situation at 

The Enforcers defended their activities with claims that they were calling 
attention to system administrators to wake up and 'fix' their system flaws.

Last article said they did it to stop pedophilia on the net. Truth
is, they are grasping for any reason to help defend their actions.

Statement from a Enforcers representative is below.

To: Adam 
Date: March 26, 1998
Subject: Recent Events

I have been following the press releases by Mr. Murphy.  I would like 
confirmation from you that there is a cease and desist.

Capt. Zap (Ian A. Murphy) is chief negotiator in talks to cease 
unauthorized actions against Internet web sites and corporate systems. 
Enforcers Computer Hackers Spokesperson states that peace terms will be 
abided by and for the Computer Hacker community to cease and desist from 
current attacks of web sites. 

Chief Negotiator? Says who?

Thanks for your response that is forthcoming.


From: Adam 
Date: March 26, 1998
Organization: Adam's Asylum
To: "Betty G.O'Hearn" 
Subject: Enforcers Press Release/Announcement


We, the Enforcers, have decided that it would be in the best interest  of
the hacking community and the security community at large to cease and
desist all web site hacking of external businesses as advised by Mr.  Ian
Murphy (Captain Zap.) We agree that our actions are not productive and
are doing more harm than good towards the security community.  Therefore,
as an agent of the Enforcers, I hereby state that all web site hacks on
external sites will be immediately halted.  We feel that there will be
other avenues opening to achieve our goal of a substantial reduction in
child pornography and racist web sites and netizens. We also support  the
larger goals of the hacker community and in the future we will work to
augment the public's view rather than detract from it. All members of
Enforcers who hacked the web sites have agreed to this release and will
stop hacking external web sites.

[13:51 GMT -0600 26 March 1998]

We thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

Paralyse, Immunity, and |DooM|
Members of the EnforcerS
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We congratulate both Mr. Murphy and The Enforcers for their diligence in 
reaching this agreement. This is indeed an act of peace in our cyberworld. 

See for confirmation of this report and futher info on 
the "Pentagon Hackers."

Infowar.. Ian Murphy.. AntiOnline.. no real legitimate body
involved in all this. These news outlets (PRNewswire, AntiOnline, Infowar) are
all self serving at best.