Tokyo, April 10 (Jiji Press)-NEC Corp. will start services next week to
help companies secure their computer networks against hackers, the company
said Friday. 

To examine customers' security systems, it will break into their networks
experimentally by using SAFEsuite software, developed by Atlanta-based
Internet Security Systems Inc. 

[Yet another "penetration team" using off-the-shelf software
 to test networks. This is NOT a thorough test. Further, anyone may 
 purchase the software and run it themselves.]

NEC will then point out problems and suggest how to improve the security
of the computer networks, company officials said. 

[.. based completely off ISS Scanner output..]

It will also design security systems, provide a 24-hour network monitoring
service and offer educational programs concerning security control, they

With introduction of the Internet, an increasing number of companies are
suffering at the hands of hackers. 

The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, which
tackles computer security problems, says it received 505 reports of
hacker-caused sabotage through Dec. 31 last year from the center's start
of operations in October 1996. 

JPCERT/CC operates under the auspices of the Japan Information Processing
Development Center, a nonprofit organization. JIJI PRESS NEWSWIRE 10/04/98