Head of gH Raided 
Saturday, May 29, 1999 at 19:25:15
by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline 

 Mindphasr, the head of Global Hell (gH), the group believed to be behind
the White House Hack, was raided at 8:20am this morning. 

[Mindphasr is not the head of GH. Mosthated is.]

 Mindphasr told AntiOnline in an exclusive phone interview that the FBI
confiscated nearly 400 items from his apartment, including 300 audio cds,
2 computers, 4 monitors, 2 printers, disks, telephones, an alarm clock,
computer manuals, business cards, and other personal items. 

 "They were in my apartment for 4 hours, and they had me handcuffed the
whole time" mindphasr told AntiOnline, "They even gave me a $160 fine for
having a beer in my refrigerator." Nine-teen year old mindphasr told

[Since when does the FBI have jurisdiction to give fines? They don't.
The fact is that four local police were involved in the raid, and
it was the local police who fined him for the beer.]

AntiOnline that 4 Special Agents, and at least 5 other local law
enforcement officers woke him up at 8:20 "They had all of their guns
drawn, and even had their own key to my apartment." 

[Own key? Try the apartment office copy.]

 Mindphasr concluded "I have to give the head agent credit though, he
seemed like a smart guy, he even knew what version of slackware I was
running," referring to the linux based operating system that ran on his

 Mindphasr is the latest of a series of raids the FBI started on
Wednesday, which is now believed to include a total of 20 hackers. An
additional 95 individuals are believed to be part of a larger FBI
investigation involving over 11 field offices, in several states.