AntiOnline Mans Battle Stations                  
                    Wednesday, June 2, 1999 at 1:11:02               
                    by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline      
                    As part of its full disclosure policy on changes 
                    in its network or system status, AntiOnline
                    provides the following:                          

[When under fire for questionable 'leaked' documents, the word "disclosure"
 suddenly means nothing to AntiOnline. Worse, it is easy to question whether
 or not there is even disclosure on his network stats.]

                    AntiOnline came under siege by a massive
                    denial-of-service attack starting at 8:03pm EST    
                    yesterday. At the time this report was filed,      
                    the attack was continuing, although the network    
                    is no longer feeling its effects. The AntiOnline   
                    website was unavailable for a total of 3 hours,    
                    54 minutes.                                        

[Yet dozens of people wer complaining as far back as Saturday, making
 this closer to a five day DoS attack as of this report. Upon visiting 
 the AntiOnline site, it took over 100 attemtps at reloading to get
 past the "connection reset by peer" error, which is one sign of
 a DoS attack.]

                    In cooperation with AntiOnline staff member        
                    Corey Gallatin, who is also a Senior Data
                    Engineer for Sprint, we re-configured our Cisco
                    Router, which is running the Enterprise Plus
                    revision of IOS, to respond better to the


[I also can't help but to notice that active distribution of such utilities can 
 lead to being bitten in the ass.]