Who REALLY Hacked Ebay? 
Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 16:15:36
by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline 
On March 13, a hacker that goes by the handle MagicFX hacked the website, while Forbes
reporter Adam Penenberg was watching. But, behind the scenes, another group, known as H4g1s, was up
to much more sinister things.

[Forbes reporter Adam Penenberg verified the Ebay hack when the intruder
changed one of Ebay's web pages for 2 minutes, specifically to show control over
the server. What *proof* does JP offer for his claims of h4g1s owning the same
server? None.]
H4g1s is most known for their hack of, but has also hacked other sites including:,,, and

Using a combination of a remote ttdbserver exploit, and packet sniffers, H4g1s was able to gain
access to ebay's Credit Card database. A massive database housed on a sun enterprise 10000 server (an
18 processor sun station).
H4g1s is known for their programming abilities, and is suspected to have a multitude of "private
exploits" for sun systems (the most noted being ttdb and statd). Unlike many other groups, H4g1s is
believed to keep many of their hacks secret.

[TTDB and Statd are both public exploits. TTDB was written and discovered
by another security group in fact.]
H4g1s members "p-windows" and "dk" are also suspected to have access to several other Credit Card
databases, including ones at "".

[This is a poor attempt at stealing wind from Penenberg's article on
the Ebay hack. JP follows up with no facts, no proof of the hack, and inaccuracies.
Hardly news.]