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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 08:31:43 -0800 
Subject: RE: Computer Subculture Faces Generational Questions

Hi, there. Thanks for your e-mail, and your attention to my article. I have
to admit, I first expected three-fourths of the article to be in red, so I'm
glad you only had a few points which you felt needed correction.

I fully realize MoD and milw0rm are younger groups -- the list was mean to
be examples of names, and was not meant to give any more credibility than
these groups may or may not deserve. As for the definitions, I'll stand by
them. Trying to communicate some of these concepts to the layman is
extremely difficult. My readers tend not to go to, HNN, or your
site for their tech news. They come to me, to CNET, and maybe Wired if
they're feeling daring.

And as for the B.O. distribution, I'm just going by what the cDc says. You
can take that up with them if you like.

Don't get me wrong -- I appreciate what you're trying to do. I'm not a
hacker, though I've been covering various security issues for a while now.
I'm glad you pointed these things out, and I'll be sure to note them in the
future. Thanks once again for your time and effort. Feel free to call or
e-mail if you have further comments.

Michael Martinez
Associate Producer

P.S. You're more than welcome to include this e-mail on your site.

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: Mr. Martinez:
: 	I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with your recent
: article titled "Computer Subculture Faces Generational Questions". I run
: and maintain a mail list titled "InfoSec News" that caters to articles of
: this nature, as well as contribute to the "Security Errata" site
: ( I am writing to inform you that there
: were some blatant mistakes in your piece that should not have gone
: unchecked. It is our goal with these resources to make journalists more
: aware of the hacker and security scene. Please review the following URL as
: it outlines (in red) the mistakes in your article. Thank you.
: mea_culpa