Hacker infiltrates MuchMusic Web site

Link(dead as of 10/22/06): http://www.canoe.ca/NationalTicker/CANOE-wire.MuchMusic-Hacked.html Link(active as of 10/22/06): http://www.infosecnews.org/hypermail/0108/4554.html MuchMusic warned Thursday that some people who entered a contest on its Web site may have had their private information seized by a computer hacker. "We are sending this important message to alert you to the fact that we have reason to believe that our contest databases may have been compromised," reads an e-mail sent to contest entrants. Contestants gave their ages, telephone numbers, age, and other personal information when they visited the music channel's site. The issue came to light after some entrants received prank phone calls from someone claiming to be a MuchMusic employee. "We are taking these complaints very seriously and have launched an investigation," the MuchMusic e-mail reads. An advisory on channel's Web site Thursday night explained how to identify a phone call from a legitimate MuchMusic employee and urged kids under 18 to alert their parents if they receive a prank phone call.

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