[IDSoftware claims this isn't a backdoor, yet it can only be exploited
 with a packet coming from THEIR subnet. This allows an ID person to 
 have complete access and control over your quake server.]

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		       *** RSI ALERT ADVISORY ***

--- [CREDIT] --------------------------------------------------------------

Vulnerability found by:	 Mark Zielinski (markz@repsec.com)
Advisory Author:         Mark Zielinski

--- [SUMMARY] -------------------------------------------------------------

Announced:     May 1st, 1998
Report code:   RSI.0001.05-01-98.ALL.QUAKE_SERVER
Report title:  Vulnerability in the Quake server
Vulnerability: RCON (Remote Console)
Patch status:  None currently available
Platforms:     Quake 1/2, QuakeWorld, Linux/Solaris Quake2
Reference:     http://www.repsec.com/advisories.html
Impact:	       If exploited, an attacker could remotely compromise
	       administrator access on any Quake server.

--- [DETAILS] -------------------------------------------------------------

Problem:       The Quake server has a feature where it allows
               administrators to remotely send commands to the Quake
               console with a password.  However, it is possible to
               remotely bypass authentication.

               In order for this to be exploited, the attacker would
               have to create a handcrafted udp packet with a header
               containing the rcon command and the password "tms" with
               a source IP coming from ID Software's Subnet. (192.246.40)

               The Quake server does not require an open connection for
               sending the rcon packet.  When this is exploited, no logs
               are reported of the rcon command being used.

	       This vulnerability is present in Quake 1, QuakeWorld,
	       Quake 2, Quake 2 Linux and Quake 2 Solaris, all versions.

--- [FIX] -----------------------------------------------------------------

Solution:      Filter all incoming packets from the subnet 192.246.40.

--- [PATCH] ---------------------------------------------------------------

Solution:      No patches are currently available.


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