HP security staff helped in leak investigation

5 September 2006, 08:48



HEWLETT PACKARD'S global investigation unit was instrumental in a leak inquiry instigated by its board, a report in the New York Times said.

According to the newspaper, HP employee Anthony Gentilucci, manager of its global security services, helped investigate the leaks. He, along with another HP investigator, Kevin Mazza, belong to an organisation called the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.

But when the NYT tried to talk to Mazza, and question him about the leaks, he hung up.

Anthony Gentilucci is president of the New England Chapter of HTCIA. Kevin Mazza is the treasurer.

From the bylaws: http://www.htcia.org/bylaws.shtml

Members will never misrepresent their employment, intentions, or professional affiliations.

Members will refrain from even the appearance of impropriety detrimentalto the HTCIA, its purpose, or its members.

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