Microsoft's Hotmail Is Red Hot From Worm

By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes REDMOND, WASHINGTON, U.S.A., 08 Aug 2001, 4:05 PM CST Link(active as of 10/22/06):

Several systems hosting the MSN Hotmail service have been infected by variants of the Code Red worm, Microsoft has confirmed. According to a spokesperson for MSN Hotmail, which has more than 110 million users, some servers in the free, Web-based mailservice's server farm were recently infected by the worm. Although there presentative said the infections have been eliminated, Microsoft is still studying the issue. Log file excerpts obtained by Newsbytes, however, indicate that some Hotmail servers remain infected today. Several log entries provided to Newsbytes show attempts by Hotmail hosts as recently as this afternoon to access Port 80 or the default.ida file on the remotesystem - telltale signs of a Code Red infection. Statistics compiled by, an automated intrusion reporting service, indicate a number of Hotmail servers have been infected with Code Red II, according to operator Johannes Ullrich. [snip...]

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