On August 1, 2001, a defacer known as 'ShellCode' compromised a machine
hosting at least nine web sites. Among these sites were several of

The first (www.crimeseeker.com) is a public service site designed to
disseminate information on sex offenders living throughout the United
States. The compromise of this web sites calls into question the safety
mechanisms used to keep information on this site secure. What if the
attackers added random names to the database, perhaps of people they
dislike. To be wrongfully branded a sex offender could have a devesatating
affect on your life.
The second site (operating on three domains) is that of eCertifications. 
This site is amusing as one of the certifications they offer is that of
'Web Security Specialist'. Perhaps they should train and hire their own
students. =)

Sex Offenders Registry
A National Criminal Information Registry

This site is providing the following information as a public service. 
These hypertext links are to sex offender registry and notification sites
in states where the internet transmission of this information is legal. 
Only information received from "official" federal, state, county, or
municipality sites will be placed on this web site. This policy is not
meant to minimize the work and dedication of otherwise well meaning
citizens who are trying to help protect their communities. The policy is
meant to protect the integrity and accuracy of the information you are
receiving and the rights of all citizens. The law enforcement agency
responsible for the individual database and/or site is solely responsible
for the content. We are not responsible and accepts no responsibility for
the accuracy of the information contained within the "official"  database
or site accessed by these hypertext links. Any information you may wish to
rely on should always be verified with the law enforcement agency directly
responsible for the database/site.

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