A wide open admin panel with an XSS vulnerability - what else would you expect from one of the PCI Council's founding members?

0day Full disclosure: American Express


Niklas Fernerstrand


When somebody voluntarily contacts a company and repeatedly mentions words like "security vulnerability" and "hacker" one would think the company would act as quickly as possible. At least all of the companies that I've been in touch with regarding security issues have. This time the experience streak changed drastically. To my great surprise American Express doesn't allow anybody to contact them. Instead, you're sent through their ten-year-old copyright noticed website's first line support jungle to be attacked with questions ensuring that you're a paying customer. If you're not then you might as well not bother, unless you feel like speaking technical advanced 0day vulnerabilities with incompetent support personnel either through Twitter direct messages or phone. They will leave you no option of contacting them in a manner that circumvents any theoretical possibility they may have of boosting sales numbers.

The only acceptable contact methods that I found on their site were telephone, fax or physical mail to some typoed country called Swerige. I figured none of them were suitable for 0day reports and decided to turn to Twitter and ask for an e-mail address or some other modern protocol.

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