Sahil Khan

Khan has been described as "the youngest ethical hacker and writer in world" (sic) and nicknamed "Indian Einstein". Syed Sujeel Ahmed of Islam Online said "What's even more amazing is the fact that this whiz kid is self taught and has never taken a computer class.". These descriptions are far from the truth, as demonstrated by his first book, "Hackers and Crackers". In the book, Khan shows that he cannot distinguish between ASCII art of a computer chip pinout and programming code. His poorly organized book basted on hastily pasted together material jumps from topic to topic with no logic, and no ability to consistently copy the text in full. Headers are missing, some sections end abruptly and he even copies content from message forums with the replies left in.

One thing is certain; Sahil Khan is not a hacker, and not a 'whiz kid' by any definition.

- Sahil Khan - "Hackers and Crackers" 99.35% Plagiarized

- Sahil Khan - "The Anatomy of Computer Virus" Contains Plagiarism

- Sahil Khan - "Tricks of e-mail Hacking" Contains Plagiarism

Shortly before the release of the "Hackers and Crackers" review, e-mailed Khan to ask about plagiarism. That lead to us having a brief chat shortly after the release. The relevant e-mail and IM logs are public.

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