Dustin L. Fritz

A "tech editor" that plagiarizes

Wed Jan 5 04:13:57 CST 2011

Listed as a "technical editor" for the first version of "Dissecting the Hack - The F0rb1dd3n Network", Dustin L. Fritz was actually tasked by Syngress to write approximately 2/3rds of the book. Instead of writing the content, he plagiarized heavily instead. The role of a technical editor is not only to ensure technical accuracy, but to ensure that material is properly cited. This irony was lost on Fritz who ended up claiming it was "an honest mistake". When asked for comment about plagiarism, Fritz wrote the following to Wesley McGrew's blog:

This was an honest mistake and I sincerely apologize for any miscommunication. I hope that the correct and proper citations can be added soon and that all questions regarding copyright and plagiarism issues can be resolved. I hope the book can still be enjoyed as a valuable contribution to the information security community and I hope it will go on to fulfill its objective in reaching anyone who desires to learn more about hacking and security. I want to specifically apologize to Jayson, Kent, Syngress, Rachel, Angelina, all the readers, reviewers, and others who have taken offense. I want to fix this and I sincerely appreciate everyone's positive support!

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