Popular Mechanics ran an article in their Feb 1999 issue titled "Computer Hackers America's real threat". Part of the article focused on se7en's noble deeds for tracking down child porn on the net. This was the letter sent to Popular Mechanics. [Article Mirror]

From: mea culpa (jericho[at]dimensional.com)
To: popularmechanics@hearst.com
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 02:45:33 -0700 (MST)
Subject: April 99 Article Errata


Kim Komando's article contains serious errata. It would be nice if
journalists would do a little more footwork on articles as it is
*extremely* easy to find this information. Se7en is a fraud. Not only did
Wired (Digital) run a full piece on it, but Adam Penenberg of Forbes
released an open letter to the Internet claiming he too errored over a
year ago in writing about se7en's deeds. Because one journalist did no
background work, the myth of se7en has propogated. He is NOT a hacker of
17 years. He is NOT a security 'expert'. He has hacked NO child porn
servers, and in fact, has no hacking ability whatsover.

In your article you claim he targeted an employee of Southwestern Bell. Do
you have any proof of this? Aside from his word? Considering se7en's
reputation for stretching the truth and bringing up fictional accounts of
his deeds, I would not doubt it if Southwestern Bell would/could/should
file suit against you for dragging their name into it. Hackers Against
Child Porn? Any single reference to them EVER encouraging others to "take
up their keyboards and modems against online kiddie porn peddlers"? Doubt

Want more? http://www.attrition.org/errata/charlatan.html#se7en .. yes, he
has an entire section dedicated to him because of the lies he has peddled.
This site will show you that he has no technical ability, no hacking
ability, and only his fast mouth and inability to keep lies straight. Who
am I to come forward saying such a thing? One of many that will tell you
who he is, as I have worked with him before. I had to originally cover his
tracks and help him with basic computer use. He is far from the hacker you
paint him to be.

Please.. PLEASE do more research on your computer articles before going to
press. These blatant errors take away all credibility from an otherwise
good article. I sit here with magazine in lap, only having read the small
section on se7en, writing to you in disgust. I'll get to the rest of the
article after I point out this errata to a few key mail lists and web

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