Pete Shipley gets fed up with se7en's lies and outs him.

From: Evil Pete (shipley[at]
To: dc-stuff[at]
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 12:59:49 -0800
Subject: The truth about se7en (was: A warning about training... )

As someone who as worked for NDI (and thus had to teach along side se7en)
NDI has some good classes (written and taught by myself and/or Jericho,
punkis, cyber)

I can attest to how bad the Max Security class it.  In fact everyone 
who has ever worked for NDI has at one point or another requested they
*not* work along side se7en (aka: tubby) or they have quit because of it.

I have seen the man take credit for writing l0phtcrack, claim to be
LOD,  claim to be a racecar driver in japan,  claim to run defcon,
claim to be editor of DNA magazine etc...  all lies...

As someone who gave him a guest account on one of my home boxes, I can
say he knows little about unix.   While as a man is has some
intelligence, he has *never* applied it in a tech manner.  He has never
written a exploit, never written a "file",  never contributed to the
hacking community (at least CPM has done that to some degree!!!) While
on my systems that jerk downloaded more trojen'ed scripts then I can
count.  I had to eventually give him a restrictive shell and he NEVER

As for his claims of hacking WWW sites, they are all false.

As for his claims of making hundreds of thousands of dollars
a year, they are all false (try only $19K in 1987).

As for his claim of being racecar driver and have a NSX he flys to Japan
to race.  HE does not have a drivers license and his NSX is a 8 inch

As for running defcon I do not have to stay anything, Anyone see him at defcon
last year??  no??   He was hiding in his room..

'nuff said....

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