Christian Valor (aka se7en)

"I'm a FreeBSD guy.."

This is Chris' (aka Christian aka se7en) global excuse for not knowing anything about unix. Two memorable times:

Relayed from another instructor who worked with se7en: "The other day some guy asked why he couldn't get access to the full desktop in xwin. the XF86Config wasnt set up properly. Chris said 'well in free bsd you can do it'"

This is a conversation between Chris and myself while training some Info-sec personnel in New Jersey:

me: [typed "ls -al" on a Slackware Linux box]

chris: "Whoa, what is all that?"

me: "Er, what do you mean? What is what?"

chris: [pointing to 'ls -al' output] "All this.."

me: "That's "ls -al" .. 'ls' with long listing, all files.."

(at this point he realized from my tone of voice and another instructor's look of disgust that he had blundered)

chris: "Well, I'm a FreeBSD guy."

me: "Yeah, that works on FreeBSD and every other Unix too.."

chris: "Uh.." (he walks off)

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