The following text was taken from (NDI), the company that se7en worked for providing 'hacker courses'. Looking past titles ripped off from books at the time (e.g., "Maximum Internet Security", the bio includes an odd 'award'.


Christian is the principal instructor for Hacker Techniques, Exploits, Mastering the Internet, Heterogeneous Network Security and Maximum Internet Security. He pilot tested the Maximum Internet Security course for the Navy for the Pacific Fleet and has been a senior instructor with New Dimensions for two years. He authored the NT Security and the Web Site Security texts and the Maximum Internet Security unique training materials. Mr. Valor retired from the hacker underground in July of 1996. He has conducted this training across the government and industry locations throughout the country and has been selected to be the principal instructor for Web Site Security and now, Internet Predators. Mr. Valor has been featured in national and international media to include MSNBC, Life Magazine, Newsweek, the Los Angeles and London Times and Newsday where his manifesto on Child Pornography has been translated into several languages. For his recent child pornography work, he was given the American Legend Award.

[The 'American Legend Award' is a MUSIC award. Some people think he was mistaking that for the 'American Legion Award'. Well, lets look at that:

The American Legion Fourth Estate Award

The Fourth Estate Award is presented annually by The American Legion's National Public Relations Commission to an individual, publication or broadcast organization for outstanding achievement in the field of journalism. A $2,000 stipend accompanies the award to defray expenses of recipient accepting the award at The American Legion National Convention in September.

[This sounds more like the award he meant. However, who was it given to the past years?]
1980    Hy Rosen, Editorial Cartoonist, Albany Times Union
1981	ABC News 
1982	Newsweek magazine
1983	The Sacramento Union
1984	C-SPAN
1985	Life Magazine
1986	KMOX Radio, St. Louis
1987	ABC Radio News
1988	Bill Cox/Florida Today
1989	Mary beth Pheiffer/The Poughkeepsie Journal
1990	Margaretta A. Downey/The Poughkeepsie Journal
1991	Michael Trihey, Tamara Welch/The Bakersfield Californian
1992	Philip Dine/St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1993	Fortune Magazine
1994	KSNW-TV, Wichita, Kansas
1995	Marcia Stepanek, Charles J. Lewis/Hearst Newspapers
1996	High Road Productions, Palo Alto, Cali
1997	Tribune Chronicle, Warren, Ohio
1998	The Tribune, Mesa, Arizona

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