se7en's "retirement message" from the underground. This was one of his ways of establishing a past, by making it seem as if he voluntarily came out of the dark. In reality, this was his introduction to the hacker / security scene. This mail would set the stage for the cornerstone of his claims to media, friends and 'clients'.

He would subsequently retire at least two more times.

From Mon Jun  3 09:52:57 1996
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 03:21:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Christian Valor (
To: dc-stuff[at]
Subject: Public Retirement Message


Today I am formally posting my public retirement message. Fifteen years 
ago today, when I sat down in front of my first computer, an Apple ][e, I 
entered a world as fascinating as any other I could have dreamed of in my 
life. Today, having gone as far as is possible with the current state of 
telecommunications technology, with no territory left for me to conquer, 
I see nowhere else to go but out.

The last thirty days has revealed a new course to follow with my 
knowledge and underground experience. I have been asked my numerous 
publications, big and small, to write about my years of digital terrorism 
and life on the edge. I have been asked to provide technical insight for 
screenplays currently being written. I have been asked by the 
telecommunications industry to speak on why it is possible to 
continuously rape them time and time again despite their best efforts to 
stop penetration into their systems. I have been asked by colleges to 
help design telecommunication programs for educating future students in 
this field. It has also been formally proposed that I write a book on my 
life in the underground. 

I also have a personal desire to learn more about computers from the 
administration and programming angles than I do now, thus balancing 
computers against my knowledge of telecommunications. I will continue to 
learn and break new ground, thus sparing myself a fate similar to those 
like Captain Crunch - old news with no dignity and attempting to live off 
the glory of my previous claims to fame. 

These are the paths that I will now be following. To continue as I have 
been would be subjecting myself to boredom. I need something new to do. 
I don't consider this a sell out, and no one else should either. I am not 
turning my back against the underground, and I am not out to provide any 
information on how to stop the activities of the underground. I am, and 
always will, remain loyal to my roots of digital terrorism.

I am reserving the right to return to my point of departure and continue 
where I left off at any time for no reason at all. I am not against being 
involved in a good prank if I see one. But, I am now officially a public 
figure, and must begin to act accordingly, if nothing else but for my own 
protection. I'm sure the telecommunications industry, and even OJ 
Simpson, will rest just a little bit more at night upon hearing of my 

Those who knew this announcement was coming a few days ago asked if I 
will remain in dc-stuff. I will, and will continue to be my usual self. (!) 
You just won't hear about my underground exploits any longer. That is, 
unless, OJ Simpson gets away with murder again.

Goodbye Underground, it was fun, and give 'em hell for me.


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