Various notes about se7en and his claims. Note, most of this was told to NON-journalists.

1995 (July) - Claimed to own and operate a Cell phone business. Yet couldn't tell exactly what an ESN/MIN was, or how to change the eeprom on an oki. Gave wrong instructions for putting Motorola Flip into test mode.

1995 (October) - Claimed to be original LOD member.

"6 bedroom house.. 12 computers in house, 2 cable modems.. right beside CEO of Oracle's house.. Wife of CEO always bitches about him parking his landrover on the street instead of his garage.."

[These claims were made to me over the past year. According to his friends, he currently has one apartment that he stays in, and it does not belong to him. This is in keeping with his many weeks (10) crashing at my place before moving on to crash with others.]

1998 (November) - Claimed to own an NSX that he shipped to Japan for racing.

[Truth is, it is a model NSX. Nothing more than a toy. He would later talk about racing this car in Japan yearly, but could never show pics of the car and never seemed to be making trips there.]

1998 - Claimed to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, yet the issue he originally pointed out contains four other hackers, none of which are him.

1998 - Claimed to learn to repel in army while in Germany.

1998 (July 30) - Claimed he "figured out the algorithm that l0phtcrack uses.."

1998 - Claimed to be offered 150k from IBM @ DC5, but he turned it down because he was already making more.

This contradicts his media claims of 90 and 120 thousand dollar jobs.

1998 (November) - Said he crashed his NSX.

1999 (January) - Said he sold his NSX.

These claims came after more people pressured him to show photos or some proof he owned the car, let alone raced it in Japan.

"Hosting the dc-stuff list is more work then allowing se7en to have a guest account." - Pete Shipley

"I'm too much of a media whore for you not to have heard of me" - se7en

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