Jul 20, 1999

It is time to end this part of Attrition.

It is abundantly clear that John Vranesevich, his family, his business and his business partners are complete frauds. They lie to you and try to make money off doing so.

Their day to day lives revolve around lying to you, running unethical businesses, committing libel and slander any chance they get.. and worse, whining like little babies when someone speaks up about the truth. That's right, the TRUTH.

This is being written in the middle of two things. One, John and company releasing MORE libel in their latest 'news' piece. Second, this comes in the middle of pathetic bitch mail to Attrition, our ISP and everyone else regarding US supposedly libeling AntiOnline. Hypocrisy has new meaning.

For the past half year, the Attrition staff and various other non-affiliated people have been speaking out against AntiOnline and John Vranesevich. Anyone who takes the time to read both sides of the story will notice a few things that speak volumes.

Read AntiOnline. What do you see? Libel, and lots of it. You see them denying links from sites that disagree with them, accusing their competitors of a wide range of absurd actions, and worse, absolutely no proof of their claims.

Read Attrition, HNN, OSALL and any other site AntiOnline doesn't care for. What do you see? Facts. You see them presenting both sides of the story so the reader is left with the choice. When we try to link to AntiOnline to give the reader both sides so they can make their own educated decision, AntiOnline blocks us. Why? What are they hiding?

The truth.

Attrition is ending the 'negation' project for one reason, and one reason only. We have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that AntiOnline and John Vranesevich are frauds. To top it off, we have recently been mailed by John's mother asking us to remove material we don't even have up on our pages. And you wonder where he gets it from? This is not a cheap shot at John's family, this is the truth again.

John's mother mailed us and included this:

"this e-mail is to inform you that aimee vranesevich is not a member of the antionline crew. She is in no way connected with antionline. Aimee is my daughter. It is my privilege and my job to protect her. I am her mother. This is a picture and address of a young girl who is underage. I am asking you kindly to remove it. I don't know your reasoning for including this picture and I am not interested in legalities, I am just a mother trying to protect her child."

We were sympathetic until we realized the implications of this mail. We offered to remove the picture provided one thing, that she mail us with the URL (on Attrition) that contained the address of her daughter. She didn't reply. This is the same type of irresponsible accusations that her son thrives on. More libel, more lies.

So, with this, we will end Negation. All files (except this one) will be made immutable so they will not be changed. Why not this one? Because we want to include the articles like the recent one found in the Ottawa Citizen. The same publication John threatened to sue (what a surprise eh?) because of a factual article researched by an honest reporter. This illustrates a long standing pattern by John. He libels you, you present the truth, he cries like a baby about being libeled in return. Fiction has new meaning.

In the last few months, we have proven that John Vranesevich is guilty of:

From here on out, you get to pick apart the lies, libels, and injustice in the AntiOnline "news". It is quite clear that is all they are capable of producing as is clearly shown on their site.

So, like we've said since day one, YOU make the decision. Read both AntiOnline as well as the rest of Negation. You decide what is real and what is not.

No one but YOU should make decisions like that.


Update: At some point, Vranasevich quit the Antionline business / site and moved on. From what we are told, but have not fully verified, he moved to Florida to start a small business running porn sites. We have been contacted by a couple of people that had bad dealings with him since his departure from the security world and re-launch in the adult entertainment world.

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