Kim Schmitz aka Kimble

Boy Sees House, Boy Wants House, Boy Gets House, Boy is Kimble, Boy Loses House


In early 2010, Kim Schmitz reportedly purchased the most expensive mansion in the country of New Zealand, which was said to be worth about $30 million, although the sale price was not known at the time of the initial story about the transaction. However, it looks like the man who allegedly once called himself "Royal Highness Kimble the First" royally screwed himself by declaring two convictions in Germany when the New Zealand government decided that Kimble didn't meet the "good character" test to buy land in their country.

The following links provide details about the attempted transaction and denial:

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According to a January, 2012 article by FastCompany titled Inside Megaupload's Megamind: Kim Dotcom's Playboy Bunnies, Russian Nuclear Vessels, And Private War On Terror, Kimble did ultimately get approved for residency in New Zealand, after "he invested $8 million in New Zealand government bonds--and made a donation to the Christchurch earthquake fund". It is not clear if he was able to purchase the house.

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