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From: Peter Thomas 
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 18:01:19 +0100
Subject: Kim Schmitz, Citibank and other tales

Dear Chaos Computer Club,

I'm following up on claims by Kim Schmitz that he hacked Citibank and
transferred money to Greenpeace, amongst other miscellaneous hacking
claims. See:


I've asked Kim to provide evidence to support any of these claims, but
am yet to receive a reply. Both Citibank and Greenpeace both say they
have no evidence of any such hacks. There is a well-documented case of
Citibank being cracked by Vladimir Levin (the best coverage I know is in
Richard Power's Tangled Web), but I'm not aware of any documents to
support Schmitz's claims.

Would you have any information on Kimble? What are your opinions on his
hacking ability? Have you heard these stories before? What is your
opinion on their accuracy?

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