John Flowers

In April, 2010, John Flowers returned to blogging after a self-imposed hiatus of sorts. Fresh from his travels, he has taken a renewed interest in hacking. Unable to do something original, he has begun work on yet another 'hacker' project called "Kane Box". It promises to be a veritable swiss army knife, allowing penetration testing, 0-day finding, IDS and laundry services. His use of terms like "self-modifying", "sneaky (like ninja) and "self-updating" should bring a certain level of skepticism.

This comes with Flower's asking people to call him by his new self-titled name, "kanen", which has "a profoundly deep meaning [to him]". Before you call him crazy, be warned:

Note: And, before you call me crazy, remember: I am 6 foot 1 inches tall, I publicly call myself a "warrior" and a "ninja," I studied Jeet Kune Do for over a decade, I have a big Grendel Tattoo on my other arm and I know how to program in multiple languages.

Don't mind that ninjas are Japanese and Jeet Kune Do is a Chinese fighting style created by Bruce lee. A tattoo of Grendel, who was mortally wounded by Beowulf is about as scary as his ability to program in multiple languages. If he had left off his supposed physically intimidating height, this warning could have been chalked up to a bad joke. Instead, we'll just label him an Internet Tough Guy and move on.

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