Ira Winkler

Keep your distance, for this man can hack your company and steal a billion dollars! Where most security professionals operate based on fact and relevant experience, Winkler has made an entire career over an overhyped and mundane penetration test that he performed over ten years ago, and then let his ego run wild with it. Since then, he has been a talking-head and let those around him do the actual work, bathing in the attention of the media rather than contributing anything of value to the industry.

Ira Winkler is better than you are, more qualified, more trustworthy, and all around a better person. Just ask him! Or don't, odds are he will tell you if given the chance. For those of us that have been in the security industry for a year or more, we're a bit tired of him finding a new reporter ready to buy into the Winkler line and writing a new version of the same article. We know he thinks most hackers are like trained monkeys.. we know he can steal a billion-jillion dollars from any company in the world. Get over it.

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