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Ian Arthur Murphy

[AKA: Arthur Murphy, Ion Murphy, Captain Zap, Ravenswood, IAM/Secure, IAM/Secure Data Systems,
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and dozens of aliases]

As smoke is driven away, so are they driven;
as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish.

In the 70's the Ian Murphy was active in, and repeatedly arrested for: shoplifting, vandalism, and petty theft (mostly at Radio Shack), however; his parents position in the community allowed them to protect him from prosecution. In 1981 he was found guilty of felony fraud and theft. Simply put, he was having high school students steal computer equipment for him. He would them remove the serial numbers and "fence" or sell the stolen equipment. He was eventually caught, convicted, and spent considerable time in prison and/or on probation. Ian claims to have "been the first convicted hacker", and the "first hacker ever convicted of a crime" (which is of course blatantly false). His felony convictions had nothing to do with hacking, but instead felony theft and felony fraud. He has repeatedly tried to capitalize on his felony (and other) convictions. Since most people neglect to verify his claims they take him at face value and falsely believe him to be some kind of hacker or security expert.

Ian A. Murphy is nothing more than a middle aged convicted felon, con artist and petty thief with a long history of running scams. He has virtually no technical skills (which should be obvious), no formal education, no computer training, and no security training. He knows just enough computer lingo and jargon to baffle his audience (provided they lack a technical background). He claims to have been employed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a member of a covert assassination team, and also claims to have been a Navy SEAL. Subject claims to have been taught information warfare by the National Security Agency (NSA). His tradecraft is very poor, and the official records indicate that his claims are totally false. Official government documents indicate that he was never an employee, nor a contractor. It should be mentioned that the subject has been committed to psychiatric facilities several times for "being delusional".

Official Navy documents indicate that the subject enlisted for duty on 6/27/74 in Philadelphia, PA. However, he never made it through boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Ian was thrown out after several weeks, and listed as "unsuitable for military service". Officially since he never graduated from Boot Camp the Navy never offered him any type of job. He was given an General Discharge (which is bad news), and was never given any awards or decorations. The Navy confiscated all uniforms, clothes, and equipment from him and literally tossed him out with only the clothes on his back, and a one way bus ticket home. Navy records indicated the he was a high school drop out with no technical training. Despite what Ian has repeatedly claimed, he was never a Navy SEAL, never a Green Beret, Ranger, Spec Ops, etc.

Ian has also claimed on numerous occasions, to multiple people, and on a printed resume he was passing around in 1996 that he is a retired Navy SEAL, that he is a CIA Agent, a covert operative, claims he was awarded two Congressional Medal of Honor, a Silver Star, numerous purple hearts, and so on. The only problem is that he was only in the Navy long enough for them to toss him out during the first two weeks of boot camp.

He knows how to pretend, is a fluent liar, and easily cons those victims who take him at face value. If the scam victim had performed even the slightest due diligence they would have found that the subject had used a bogus address and business name. The subject has a long history of computer and Internet fraud, and commonly sets up multiple bogus accounts with an ISP (often using a stolen credit card or check). He will then run up hundred of dollars in charges and never pay a penny on the account.

One of his favorite scams is to contact an attorney or private investigator, and engage them for some type of investigative or harassment project. Of course the victims never see a penny from the subject, and will usually just write it off as bad debt (even though it involves thousands of dollars). More often then not, he will go to an attorney and beg them to take his harassment case on a Pro Bono basis, if the attorney agrees to represent him they get a tough lesson on dealing with an out of control felon and mental patient and end up quickly dropping him as a client before they get officially sanctioned for misconduct or terrorized by Murphy when they refuse to break the law.

The victim will usually opt not to sue Ian or pursue criminal fraud charges as security people tend to be really upset when THEY are the con victim. If the victim tries to pursue the matter Ian will then attempt blackmail and will threaten to make public how easy it was to con them (which could be bad for the victims business).

Ian Murphy has a history of making terroristic threats including specific threats to sabotage and blow up a Nuclear Power Plant, and has a history of threatening and attempting arson. He has also threatened to kill federal law enforcement officers (FBI and Secret Service). Subject has made numerous bomb threats, and has made comments regarding his proficiency with and access to high explosives (stolen from a coal mine). Subject also has a history of making bomb, burglary, murder and arson threats.

The subject is fearful of the police, and of the judicial system (due to his numerous arrests, criminal convictions, and periods of being institutionalized). While he does exhibit tremendous "fear of the law" he also has a history of abusing law enforcement officials (who generally consider him a crank and crackpot). Many law enforcement agencies in the Philadelphia area and Tampa, Florida actually have special coffee mugs for him to use as he visits so often (usually complaining about Covert Conspiracies, UFO's, CIA Buggings, Alien Implants, Alien Abductions, or whatever else strikes his fancy that day).

He has a history of fabricating wild (and delusional) claims and accusations. Often he will threaten lawsuits, and legal action or will forge court document to try to scare a victims. His threats are those commonly used by career criminals. He is big on threats, but nothing actually happens.

Ian Murphy has a serious pathology which lends itself to violence (mostly against women and young girls), and has been arrested numerous time for assault and domestic violence. He has a long history of yelling and screaming (like a four year old) when he doesn't get his way, and will often resort to physical violence after one of his "screaming fits".

Ian A. Murphy also has a very extensive history of criminal telephone harassment, and typically calls several dozens times a day (often late at night, and in the early morning hours). He also likes to fax victims long multi-page raving threat and harassment letters. Over the years Ian Murphy has repeatedly harassed, threatened, slandered, libeled, and generally annoyed and stalked the author of this page. Ian has communicated multiple bomb threats, threats of murder, assassination threats, arson threats, and stalked the author. The tone of these communications has gone from insults and harassment to more recent threats involving cyber-stalking and threats clearly of a terroristic nature. On several previous occasions, he has called the authors office and late at night and launched into a screaming fit.

He has made many of these threats via direct email, via guestbook entries, and on his website. Ian Murphy has also repeatedly called the author with obscene and harassing calls laced with screaming threats and has stated things that any normal person would find disgusting. On several occasions Ian Murphy was stupid enough to leave these messages on voice mail when someone didn't answer the phone, he provided clean recordings of this criminal behavior (which are in the hands of police). Copies of these voice mails absolutely prove that Ian Murphy has been engaging in a long term course of harassment, and have been stalking the author of this page. When this is combined with the email messages, postings and so on a solid felony case can be made against Mr. Murphy.

During these threatening tirades he also took the time to send numerous similar email messages of an obscene and harassing nature (with much of the same verbiage as his phone calls), and visited the authors website signing the guestbook with similar obscene and harassing materials. The IP address he was using for the email and guestbook threats where traced to his girlfriends Earthlink account (in St. Pete Beach, Florida).

Several years back, when he was living in Plymouth, MA; Ian Murphy contacted the author and tried to gain employment. Even the most basic of interviews or meetings was refused as he obviously lying about his credentials and trying to defraud the author. Ian's resume was fully of absolute falsehoods, and his list of credentials was obviously bogus. When he was refused employment or even an interview, Ian initiated a series of harassing phone calls against the author and launched into numerous screaming tirades over the phone.

A few weeks later Mr. Murphy attempted a publicity stunt with the Boston Globe which back fired on him (re: U4EA and Boston Globe hoax covered further in this page), and when that failed he went on a stalking campaign against his landlord and actually tried to burn down her house (in Plymouth, MA). When he found out the Police Department in Plymouth, MA and the District Attorney wanted to talk to him about the arson attempt he committed himself to a psychiatric hospital. After the psychiatric hospital discharged him he again moved back into his elderly parents house in Philadelphia, and when they tossed him out eventually moved in with another girlfriend in Upper Darby, PA.

A short time later Ian Murphy was arrested (in pink bunny ears no less) on an outstanding bench warrant for jumping probation and fleeing to another state (on a second felony). The author later found out that Ian had jumped probation, moved to Mass., and was trying get the author to hire Ian while he was actually a fugitive from justice (and a twice convicted career felon). Ian Murphy blamed the author of this page for "ruining his life" when he refused to hire him, which caused him to have a mental breakdown, caused him to get evicted, got him sued, and in turn forced him to move back to Philadelphia and get picked up on the outstanding arrest warrants.

When Ian got out of prison (for jumping probation) he started a harassment campaign against the author via the Internet, and committed a variety of criminal deeds including sending bomb threats and threats of murder.According to his ex-girlfriend (who he beat up) at one point Ian actually tried to hire a hit man to kill the author, but had problems getting together enough money.

On a related matter, during the Fall of 1997 Ian Murphy stole a number of copyrighted graphics and text from this authors website, and blatantly copied them to his own site. Not realizing that the site was his (it was under an alias), the author sent the site owner and ISP a series of email politely requesting removal of the offending materials (which where ignored). After several weeks the author contacted the ISP where the files were hosted, and proved to them that the materials being used constituted a criminal violation. They investigated, agreed, and promptly deleted the materials in question, and further discovered they were hosted on a fraudulent account which they shutdown. Mr. Murphy then cranked up another round of series of obscene phone calls, and harassing e-mail/messages which where all traced to him using aliases. In turn this resulted in him be bounced off dozens of ISPs (where he had set up fraudulent accounts).

He has clearly violated both FSA 784.048-2, and FSA 784-836.10. He has also violated FSA 365.16, and along the way committed numerous misdemeanors, several second-degree felonies, and at least one third-degree felony. As he has already been convicted twice of felonies this would represent his third round of felony convictions. As it applies to FSA, 784 he has clearly harassed the author and exhibited a long term course of conduct while in Florida. He has exhibited a credible threat, and he has placed the author in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury. Also, he has both composed and sent threats to kill the author or do bodily injury.

As it applies to FSA 365.16 Ian A. Murphy has clearly placed telephone calls from Florida that any a normal person would find lewd, disgusting, obscene, filthy, vulgar, etc. Since there were multiple phone calls he clearly violated the law with the clear intent to harass, annoy, threaten, and terrorize (in both Florida and Mass.). Also, Mass General Law c. 269 s 14A was clearly violated as he made three or more calls, his language was both indecent and obscene, and his contact was clearly to harasses and molest.

We have collected thousands of pages of records on the subject and his associates.

These records consist of court documents, interviews, criminal complaints, civil complaints, restraining orders, psychiatric commitment records, incident reports, arrest documents, bench warrants, parole applications, birth certificates, probation records, military records and hundreds of pages of related documents. What follows is a very small fraction of what we have indexed to date.

We have had numerous requests for the "1981" documents, low resolution versions have now been placed on-line for fast browser loading and direct downloading. Please Email if you would like high resolution versions of the documents provided to you. This is only a partial list of legal, police, and court documents regarding the subject, and it is noway inclusive. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Ian is currently living in Florida in the Tampa and Saint Petersburg area, and is believed to be again involved with Winn Schwartau, Xxxx Xxxx, and their various interrelated business activities. When he moved to Florida Ian repeatedly claimed that he was going to be working for/with Winn and Xxxx; however both of them claim that this is not true.

When Ian initially sets up a new Internet account he typically tells the new ISP that he is a "computer security expert" and that cyber-terrorists have been stalking him. He will then launch into long paranoid rants and raving diatribes about how people are spoofing his IP address and how "they" keep getting him into trouble with the authorities. The subject will usually "lay low" for a few weeks with the new ISP, but after a short time he will be up to mischief again (usually when he's off his psychiatric medications). The subject will then start sending out bomb threats, threats of grave bodily harm, and will threaten to crash and hack into a victims computers.

One of his favorite games is to forge Email headers and to sent out third party threat letters. However, since his computer and technical skills are very poor it is very easy to trace the headers back to his accounts. Often these messages are sent under a false name, but the end result is that Ian Murphy will approach the victim (he has been harassing under an alias) and offer to "catch the person terrorizing them for a small fee". Eventually he engages in so much mischief (or doesn't pay his bill) that his ISP cancels his account. The subject will then call the customer support line (usually late at night) and try to "social engineer" the technical staff to get his account re-activated.

Ian A. Murphy also has a history of "Social Engineering" other people accounts, and more than a few times has set up a bogus account using this method. He also has a history of calling an ISP and conning them into modifying someone elses account, and "pretexting" them to illegally obtain confidential information about the account holder (usually billing and credit card information). He often falsely claims to be the victim of electronic harassment, which he will of course be unable to prove or provide any specific details regarding his claims. More than a few times he has called an ISP and claimed to be an FBI or Secret Service agent and demanded that they provide him with confidential user information.

He loves to claim that tormenters are engaging in "Information Warfare" against him, and will claim "they" are doing this (whoever "they" are) because he is a computer security expert. Of course when he is asked to provide specific evidence of this activity none is produced. One thing to keep in mind is that Ian Murphy has been clinically diagnosed as being severely delusional, and has been classified as have a "stalker obsession". There have been multiple restraining orders issued against him, and has been arrested numerous times for assault, domestic abuse, stalking, etc.

Ian has very poor technical skills, and has humiliated himself more then a few times when a customer (or reporter) asked him a simple technical question that he was unable to answer. While he claims to be a computer expert his computer skills are so poor that he lacks the basic ability to install PC cards, initialize a hard drive, or to perform simple repairs or technical support. Ian often hauls his entire CPU down to his local computer store and begs them to fix his computer. These stores have indicated that they consider him a real joke, and refuse to help him unless he pays cash-in-advance for all work. His most common technical problems are virus infection, and file structure corruption.

Recently, the subject was evicted by his landlord for nonpayment of rent and for stealing and illegally using the landlords credit cards (and other things). During the eviction the subjects computer was "lost" for several months (something about money he owned the landlord for phone bills). By the time the subject "found" his computer (after the phone bills were paid) someone had gained access to the CPU and copied all of the hard drive contents (and installed sniffer software).

Subject has recently used the following fraudulent company names:

According to the government agencies the businesses either never existed, or were shutdown by the State Attorney Generals office due to fraud. None of the above companies actually exist at this time, and are/were a complete figment his imagination. Of course the he likes to talk about his "world wide divisions of corporations", and his "fine family of companies", but remember that he has a long history of being delusional and of psychiatric commitment and treatment.

In an attempt of obtain pity, subject often scams victims with stories that he suffers from various types of terminal medical problems (ie: Brain Tumor, Heart Attack, Cancer Spleen, Throat Cancer, Hemorrhoids, Prostate Cancer, Rectal Problems, Lung Cancer, etc.). When his claims of physical problems fail to gain him pity he tells stories about how he was sexually molested in boarding school or by his older brother, or father, priest, janitor, etc...

1981 Third Degree Felony Conviction for Theft
Montgomery County Criminal Justice System (PA)

There is no mention of any computer hacking in any of these cases. The only mention of anything remotely related to computers was petty theft (he had children steal for him). There is no indication of hacking, phone phreaking, or any type of computer break-in activity as claimed by the subject, just stealing, fraud, and theft.

Court documents indicate that Ian was an "Unskilled, and Unemployed Air Conditioning Installer" (not a computer expert) at the time of his 1981 arrest, and that while on probation he was either unemployed, working as a taxi driver, or working for a vending machine company (filling candy and coke machines). His formal education is limited to the first few years of high school (he was kicked out early).

But like all con men, he is an actor,
unable to resist a bit of grandstanding.

Ian's "career as a master hacker" was fabricated in 1986 after he and his unemployed wife decided to form some type of business. Ian had reportedly been "unable to keep a real job." His wife had been a public relations specialist, and she helped him to capitalize on his (ignominious) 1981 conviction. Due to this heavy public relations campaign by his wife, Ian was able to obtain "exaggerated" magazine and newspaper interviews.

Mrs. Murphy has since publicly renounced Ian and has worked to expose him as a con artist and thief "...who has never done an honest thing in his life".

In any event; apparently, none of the reporters verified what Ian and his wife had told them, and the (dubious) "legend" was hit upon. A number of reporters were strongly rebuked by their editors for not verifying their stories before running the articles.

However, we have verified everything, and have thousands of pages of documents...


As you can see by reading this Bill of Information, Ian Murphy was never charged with any type of computer and phone phreaker crimes. Instead, he was charged with theft, period.



Subject (Ian A. Murphy) and his associates created a series of fictional companies and set up mail drops under a variety of false names. The subject then issued bogus purchase orders for goods and services under the names of the fake companies using the mail drop addresses. He and his associates contacted Dun and Bradstreet and "social engineered" a decent credit file with fraudulent documents.

These ordered materials were then delivered to the mail drop address. Materials were picked up by juvenile high school students and delivered to the subject. Subject then removed the external serial numbers, and then transferred the goods to his associates in exchange for other stolen goods, services, drugs, etc. Purchase orders, identification documents, business cards, letterhead, and other bogus corporate documents were forged in furtherance of the frauds.

Court documents indicate that the subject is a petty thief, forger, fence, liar, and con artist (not a hacker or phone phreaker). There is no mention in any of these court documents of any type of computer hacking activities or phone phreaking activities (only theft of computer equipment and supplies).

Ian Murphy utilized a variety of false name including "John Livingston". He also utilized a series of fake company names including "Continental Telephone Company".

Ian has bragged (to reporters) that he and his associates were able to steal over $412,000 dollars in merchandise (court records indicate it was more like $87,500).


Docket - Transcript B876615-5


Criminal Complaint B876615-5

This criminal complaint only mentions theft, not computer crime, and most certainly nothing about hacking into the White House, Ma Bell, tweaking of phone company billing records, or anything else.


Bill of Cost/Fines


December 1992 - Arrest for Falsification, Felony Forgery, and other charges
Montgomery County Criminal Justice System (PA)

Police Report

Incident Report

Arrest Record

Criminal Complaint 863-93

Transcript 863-93

Bills of Information

Docket - Transcript 863-93

Guilty Plea 863-93

Suspension of Drivers License

Incarceration Record

Parole Violation (03/21/94)

Bench Warrant (03/21/94)

Parole Violation (08/05/94)

Bench Warrant (08/05/94)

Parole Violation (11/07/94)

Bench Warrant (11/07/94)

Arrest Record (11/07/94)

Bail Record (11/07/94)

Parole Violation (02/12/96)

Bench Warrant (02/12/96)

Parole Violation (03/26/96)

Bench Warrant (03/26/96)

Arrest Record (11/07/96)

Bail Record (12/03/96)

Probation Record


April 94 - Vehicle Theft, Drunk Driving, Driving on a Suspended License,
Montgomery County Criminal Justice System (PA)

Police Report

Arrest Record

Bills of Information

Waiver of Arraignment

Docket - Transcript 02416-94

Criminal Complaint 02416-94

Guilty Plea 02416-94

Revocation of Drivers License

Parole Violation (11/06/95)

Bench Warrant (11/06/95)

Parole Violation (5/13/96)

Bench Warrant (5/13/96)

Arrest Record (11/07/96)

Incarceration Record

Application for Parole

Bail Record (12/03/96)

Probation Record


Assault Victim
[If you let Ian Murphy into your house
this could be you]

Spring 1996 - Arson, Commitment, Restraining Order
Plymouth, MA

Incident Report - Attempted Arson(4/26/96) (Plymouth Fire Department)

Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment (4/26/96) - Dr. Felman

Incident Report (5/10/96) (Plymouth Police Department)

Incident Report (5/13/96) (Marshfield Police Department)

Criminal Complaint - 123397 - (5/13/96)

Petition for Abuse Prevention (5/15/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Application for Emergency Restraining Order (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Ex parte Temporary Emergency Restraining Order (5/15/96)

Affidavit (5/15/96)

Affidavit (5/16/96)

Return of Service of TRO (5/16/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Notice of Appearance (5/16/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Motion for Short order of notice (5/16/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Motion to Vacate (5/16/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Hearing (5/20/96) (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Grant of Restraining Order (Docket# 96-59RO210)

Affidavit (5/20/96)

Criminal Complaint - 9654CR4307 - (5/20/96)

Arrest Warrant - Ian Murphy - 9654CR4307 - (5/20/96)


June 1997 - Commitment Proceedings

302 Psychiatric Commitment Proceedings


November 1997 - Felony Theft and Larceny
Upper Darby, PA

Incident Report


December 1997 - Arrest for Assault and Battery
Upper Darby, PA

Just before Christmas 1997 Ian and his landlord/girlfriend had a serious confrontation. She told him to get out, and he responded by grabbing her (and seriously hurting her).

A little while later things got a lot uglier. Ian "beat himself up, threw himself into the wall several times, and then nose dived down a stairway" he then called the police screaming, begging, and crying that his girlfriend was beating him again.

Incident Report/Affidavit

Blondie gets his ass whipped by a girl


Arrest Record (Docket# 116-97)

Bills of Information (Docket# 116-97)

Report of Criminal Judicial Proceedings (Docket# 116-97)

Karma is an interesting thing

It all comes around, threefold

Docket - Transcript (Docket# 116-97)

Restraining Order (Assault and Battery, Threats, Continued Harassment


January 1998 -
Upper Darby, PA

Restraining Order (to retrieve "50,000 dollars worth of computer equipment")

Order of Eviction

Service of Eviction


January 1998 - Forgery, Making Bomb Threats, Terroristic Threatening
Philadelphia, PA

Police Report

Basically, Ian got all frisky, called someone on the phone and sent them a series of emails that he was going to blow up their home and vehicles with a pipe bomb. The Philadelphia Police went out to visit him a few minutes later, and he confessed to making the calls, but claimed to be mentally ill, etc...


March 1998 - Credit Card Fraud
Philadelphia, PA

Friday evening, on May 1, 1998 Ian Murphy used a stolen credit card to set up a fraudulent ISP account on America Online (his "disposable account"), and a second at (a Philadelphia ISP) under an alias of "Floyd Murray."

He then used this ISP account to send a series of threatening, harassing, and obscene messages. When his ISP realized that the account had been set up on a fraudulent credit card they contacted the bank, who shut down the credit card and contacted the owner. When the bank reviewed the other credit cards, their customer had with them they found a pattern of activity suggesting several stolen cards were in use.

The bank finally was able to talk to the owner by the name of Daniel Ingster. Mr. Ingster stated that he was unaware of the use of his cards, and that he had not authorized any of the suspect activity on his accounts. He further advised that he had recently taken in a homeless "close friend" by the name of Ian Murphy, and that Ian was known to him to be a convicted felon with a history of fraud.

The bank then filed a complaint for Credit Card Fraud with both the Philadelphia Police Department, and the United States Secret Service. Daniel Ingster declined to pursue criminal charges against Ian as Ian had promised to pay back the money. On the other hand, after the incident Mr. Ingster tossed Ian out of his house in a matter of hours, and then the next day tossed all of Ian's possession into a truck, drove the truck to Ian's parents house and dumped it in a pile on their lawn (Ian was livid).

The staff at (a Philadelphia ISP) was actually told by Ian that "A ring of international cyber-terrorists has been stalking him for over a year, and has been terrorizing victims, hacking computers, and blaming it all on Ian." The ISP stated that Ian s voice actually cracked and was quivering when he was telling the ISP about it. The ISP further stated that they did not believe Ian as their logs of his online behavior prove that he had committed the misdeeds, and provided hard proof that he was lying, committing fraud, and engaging in criminal behavior. When the detailed logs at his ISP were compared to dozens of messages Ian had sent to victims; there was a 100% match and absolute proof of what he was doing. Many of the messages which Ian sent to victims contained threats of murder, threats of arson, and threats of stalking and of a terroristic nature.

These are a few of the user names he used during this time frame:

After this Ian moved in with friends (this time in Ardmoore), but even they tossed him out eventually. His "deal" as it were was that he had to leave there once he is finished doing a web page for he people he was staying with, but they tossed him out early.


More Bogus Press Releases
(September 18, 2000 - Oldsmar, Florida)

Ian would eventually move to Saint Petersburg, FL to live with Xxxx Xxxx, and later to live with his new girlfriend; Pamela Jo Braukman in Oldsmar, Florida. In early Fall 2000 Ian would set up another fraudulent newswire account and on September 18, 2000 he posted a puff piece to pump up his own ego (Ian like to feel important). Ian would later threaten suicide and endlessly whine about his love life on his AOL page about his new girlfriend (see elsewhere on this dossier).

Note: During this time Ian was actually located at:


Scamming the Tampa Tribune #1

The Tampa Tribune got scammed by Ian in 1999, right after he moved from Philadelphia, PA to Tampa, FL. He then went on to leverage this initial media coverage into similar puff pieces that also ran in the Tampa Tribune over the next few years.


Michelle Delio and Wired gets scammed... again,1282,41630,00.html

The Greatest Hacks of All Time
by Michelle Delio
02:00 AM Feb. 06, 2001 PT


The 1987 Wall Street Journal Hoax


Ian Gets Bitch-Slapped at the "Computer
Technology Showcase" in Tampa, Florida

On Thursday, October 18, 2001 there was a huge ugly fiasco when Ian Murphy got flat out busted in the middle of a presentation on security at a computer security conference in the Tampa, Florida. It seems that the "Computer Technology Showcase" had a show in Tampa on the 17th and 18th ( ), and that several of the seminars at the show was given by "Tech Street Training Solutions" ( ), who in turn presented Ian Murphy (AKA: Captain Zap) as their computer security guru.

Ian went on a rant about how special he was, about how he could bring down the entire national infrastructure, bragging about his elite skills, etc, etc, etc... He then continued to give a PowerPoint presentation laced with porn and nudity, Most of his presentation was material concerning RIAA posted on SlashDot three days prior.

He kept talking about security without actually discussing techniques and relied almost exclusively on nebulous phrases and non-specific methods. Ian kept picking on people in the session berating them for being stupid, and kept slamming "the stupid women" in the room.

During the presentation one of the attendees had quite enough and publicly called Ian out on some specific technical issues, challenged his "hacker" claims, exposed him as nothing more than a con-artist, and completely humiliate him. Ian responded by going into a screaming rant. As a result, the conference organizers and his sponsor had to evict him from the conference (after they interrupted his presentation and screaming midway though).

It is a perfect example of what happens when a consulting firm brings in a con artist, and their expert is publicly exposed as a fraud. "Tech Street Training Solutions" was in major damage control mode, and was devastated when they found out they had been victims of a con (which serves them right).

After Ian was tossed out of the show, he started to harass and terrorize the people who had exposed him. He kept calling various people in the company, launching into one of his trademark screaming fit, then when he ran out of breath and starts sputter; he hangs up, regains his composer, calls back, launches, and the cycle repeats itself. This is the same cycle that he has practiced dozens of times on numerous other victims.

Two of Ian's associates; Xxxx O'Hearn and Linda Becnel were following him around at the conference and ran to his defense. At least one of them flipped out when they heard about Ian getting thrown out of the conference, and contacted the show organizers throwing a fit, attempting to negotiate some way for him to get back in.

Ian then started a fax and phone barrage of his typical "legions of fine lawyers" comedy act against the show organizers, and the person who called him out during the show, and his employer. Ian called, Ian yelled, Ian screamed, Ian sent a barrage of e-mails, then a barrage of fax... and yet everybody laughed at him... and then Ian cried.


Physical Profile of Ian A. Murphy

Ian A. Murphy is about 5' 3" - 5' 4", a lot shorter than average, and is about 190-210 (short and really fat). No muscle whatsoever, a complete "flabmeister". He has recently grown a beard in an attempt to modify his physical appearance. He can appear "angelic, cherubic, cute and appealing", that is what often fools the victims he cons.

Hair is longish, and is very light brown/dirty blonde, but he likes to "go full blonde" when he gets into trouble, Normally worn in a short pony tail. he has a serious problem with soap or shampoo, and commonly has dirty greasy hair and reaks of body odor as a result. Occasionally subject wears reading glasses, but only because they make him look "sophisticated and important". Subject does NOT look his age of 46 (DOB: 01/25/57).

Ian has a history of cocaine and other drug usage, his pupils are often totally dilated, even in full sunlight. He currently using anti psychotic drugs, and antidepressants, and tells people that these are is his heart medication. He claims to have had 4-5 heart attacks (which is a falsehood); in each case he was committed to a psychiatric institution for cocaine induced psychosis, attempting suicide, depression, being "delusional", etc... Several of his associates have witnessed him purchasing, selling, and consuming large amounts of cocaine (and other drugs), and has been admitted to the hospital several times for overdose problems.

Subject has a very high potential for suicide, and has a history of self inflicted injury (he then claims that someone beat him up, and then tries to have them arrested). Subject like to burn himself with scalding liquids, and/or "throw himself" to cause injuries (he usually jumps out a window, "flies" down a flight of stairs, or rams his head into a wall).

Subject also has a long history of being involuntary committed to psychiatric institutions, and mental health facilities. His cognitive functions have radically deteriorated since 1993, and he appears to be rapidly "self destructing".

Ian has a severe thyroid dysfunction, and liver disease as a result of long term drug and alcohol abuse. Due to these health problems he has great difficulty regulating body temperature and often wears three and four layers of clothing (even in hot weather). Drinks and smokes heavily (heavily addicted), teeth are badly stained with tar. Multiple drunk driving convictions, and drug and alcohol related incidents.

Subject illegally owns (or has owned) a small caliber handgun, but has very poor gun handling skills. He carries his handgun front right hand pocket (nothing in the chamber), but will often conceal it in a hand carried portfolio, or bank bag. Subject does not currently own or wear body armor. He is known to carry "Butterfly" or Bali-Song style of knives, and has a serious fetish with edged weapons and fire.

Subject also has a history of wearing a shoulder holster (with a fake gun or paint ball gun in it) under a jacket to flash during an interview or to "impress the ladies". He also likes to carry and flash "plastic" guns in the holster, and has shown off a fake police badge. He knows virtually nothing about combat, martial arts, military operations, and/or self defense. His weapon of choice is either a club, roll of change, or "soap-in-a-sock" (prison yard weapons). He has also assaulted victims with a small canvas pouch of change which he keeps in his pocket.

He enjoys wearing expensive looking jewelry; but it's actually cheap costume jewelry, a fake Rolex, and a fake diamond stud in his ear. He also likes to wear lots of bracelets on his wrists.

Subject typically "launders" funds received from victims by assigning the checks (or other instruments) over to third parties. Subject normally does not have or use bank accounts (and has been banned by most banks from opening an account due to fraud). His associates often deposit the checks written to him into their accounts, and give then him cash.

The subject like to "move in" to a victims house (usually someone who feels sorry for him). He then runs up huge phone bills (hundreds of dollars a month), and refuses to pay any rent. He will refuse to get a job, and the few dollars he gets from his scams he spends on CD's, computer games, drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, etc...

He will often steal mail, credit cards, and valuables from his victims. He also has a long history of fraudulently transferring utilities into his name (to make it more difficult to evict him). If the victim is female then he will start telling people that they are married, or are boyfriend/girlfriend. He likes to target women who live alone (easy to con), who have control of a piece of property (free rent), and are employed (free expenses).

Since he has no income, and can't find any type of work (according to court documents) it's important that he gets free (or almost free) rent and utilities. When his victims realize that he has simply conning them for free rent, he will refuse to leave. If his landlord try to evict him he appears in court with copies of the utility bills in his name. He like to scream, yell, and beg the judge not to evict him and will fabricate all kinds of stories why he shouldn't be evicted.

One of his more common tricks is to get the landlord/girlfriends utility bills transferred into HIS name. This way when he gets hauled into court for eviction he will try to claim that they are engaged in a common law marriage, and that he cannot be evicted from his own home. He also has a history of stealing his landlords/girlfriends mail.

On an added note, Ian has a particular penchant for conning the wifes and families of deployed military personnel. The veteran returns from the deployment to find out his wife is divorcing him, Ian is banging his wife, and all of his savings are drained. The poor GI (usually a Marine or Navy Seamen) gets his life destroyed because Ian is still mad that he got tossed out of boot camp. This is one of the reasons he is currently in the Tampa, Florida area... lots of lonely military wives with husbands on deployment.

Subject has been using the following false address:

Sadly, Ian Murphy didn't get a farming job; even though he has vast knowledge, considerable expertise and years of experience in moving huge piles of bovine feces. For some reason farmers don't look kindly to someone who is trying to mooch free room and board, and actually believe that you should earn your keep. However, the local sheep were somewhat relieved that their chastity was saved.


Subjects recent physical addresses are: